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Wendigo Horse Wild West (Nov 2021) Where Is The Wendigo?

In this post, you will know about Wendigo Horse Wild West in detail and its salient features.

Do you know about an invincible creature which is added recently in the Wild West Roblox game? The wild west had an update on Halloween of 2021, and the game is updated with a new interesting creature. 

The creature added on the update is Wendigo Horse, and it comes up with great powers and abilities, which we will discuss in a while. Gamers from the United States and many other countries in the world are searching for this animal. Let us discuss more Wendigo Horse Wild West further in this post.

Understanding The Wild West

In case you don’t know about the game, here’s a quick introduction. The Wild West is a game on the Roblox platform; It is based on the golden days of the American frontier. 

You can take a feel of a cowboy by working for somebody to move ahead in the game. It is mainly action and adventure-packed RPG game trending in Roblox because of its storyline and gameplay. Let us move ahead to learn about Wendigo.

What is Wendigo in Wild West?

Wendigo Horse Wild West is an extremely dangerous creature found stalking in the woods of the forest in the nighttime inside the Wild West. You can find this creature in the trees of Bear Paw Valley, Tribal Forest, Pinewood Hills. This animal can teleport in the blink of an eye, and you cannot guess from where you have been attacked.

Wendigo has a massive claw as a weapon that can deal up to 80 damage a hit. Wendigo has about 3500 health, making it one of the most invisible creatures, and it is four times harder to kill than Legendary Animals.

Features of Wendigo Horse Wild West

Here are some of the key features of Wendigo Horse in the game:

  • Health – This animal has massive health of 3500. This is the healthiest one out of any animals present in the game.
  • Damage – A hit of this animal causes the damage of 80.
  • Spawn Locations – Pinewood Hills, Bear Paw Valley, Tribal Forest, Pinewood Hills, Howling Peak, Swamp, Plantation, Dead Man’s Rest, Callahan Manor.
  • Possible Drops – Wendigo Horse, Wendigo Holsters, Wendigo Hat.
  • Behavior – Hostile would lock on to its target then sprint or teleport after it at high speeds.

Beating this Wendigo Horse Wild West can take days, and many gamers quit playing the game because of its toughness.

The Final Verdict

Facing Wendigo can be fun and irritating both to face in the game. However, many gamers like this animal in the game. This creature is not permanent and the developers add and remove it from the game for fun from 2019. Wendigo has been seen every Halloween. Check out here to know more about it 

Now that you know about Wendigo horse? What do you think about this animal? Tell us in the comments section below. Also, do share this Wendigo Horse Wild West post to inform others.

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