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What Day Did Harambe Die (May 2021) Let Us Know Here!

What Day Did Harambe Die (May 2021) Let Us Know Here! >> Do you want to know why a gorilla who died five years back is trending? Read this news post and end your curiosity.

News highlights come every day; people watch them on television, read them in the newspaper, and forget. However, some events become unforgettable, out of which- one is the death of Harambe. 

The death of a gorilla at the Cincinnati zoo grabs the attention of folks from all over the globe, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, etc. 

The most astonishing thing is that people still remember What Day Did Harambe Die? If you missed this important news then, please read it now. 

A Look Back: Who is Harambe? 

Harambe, who got a second surprising life by becoming an internet phenomenon, was a gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo. He was shot and assassinated 5 years ago in May in the protection of a young child who had unfortunately fallen into the enclosure of that gorilla. 

His death flashed controversy, and this is the reason why he became a social media icon in no time. Additionally, you can still see many tweets on Twitter as it hasn’t forgotten him yet. 

What Day Did Harambe Die?

Well, he died Five years or 1,825 days, and around 3 million minutes back. It was the 28th of May 2016, and he was a 17 years old Gorilla whose birthday was celebrated only a day before. 

How did Harambe die?

President of the zoo, Thane Maynard, had reported When the child fell into his exhibit, Harambe grappled him and dragged him around. The boy was with the gorilla for approximately 10 minutes. Finally, the Dangerous Animal Response Team of the zoo declared the situation as life-threatening.  

Apart from knowing What Day Did Harambe Die? Let’s check why he was killed? The team was left with the only option of putting him down or shooting him, and so, Harambe is gone- Maynard further added. 

Why are there Harambe memes?

5 years back, when this unfortunate event took place, many people showed their outrage over the gorilla’s death. 

Many made his death memes while there were some different memes about this whole misfortunate incident. There are few people who even got Harambe’s tattoo on their body to commemorate this hero. His popularity on social media never made people forget What Day Did Harambe Die?

Why was Harambe killed?

Response team of the zoo feared that the life of child candy at stake who felt into the exhibit of the gorilla. It was clearly stated by the President of the zoo that Harambe didn’t hurt the child; the size of the animal and his strength were a great threat. Shooting him was the only option to protect the child’s life. 

What happened to the boy who fell into the Gorilla’s enclosure?

After this queuing, the child from Harambe’s enclosure was hospitalized for some time. However, it was found later on that the boy escaped from the incident somewhat unharmed. 

A Closer Look: Strange and Surprising

We answered above – What Day Did Harambe Die? Why was he killed, and how he became popular on social media?

Similarly, Harambe is again trending on Twitter because of his death anniversary. Some of the posts say: 

  • Gone, but still in the heart
  • The beginning of the end 
  • RIP Harambe
  • Legends are never forgotten

This shows how people miss this animal even after five years of his death. To know more about the whole incident, please check here.

Have you seen such kind of miss or fortunate event in your life? You can share your experience with us by writing in the comment section below. 

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