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What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended {April} Truth!

What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended? MLB pitcher Trevor Bauer is suspended for two seasons. Read the article thoroughly to discover the truth. And stay tuned with us. 

Do you know about Trevor Bauer? Do you know why he got suspended? Well, let us tell you the truth. Trevor Bauer is the baseball pitcher of the team Los Angeles Dodgers. He is suspended from Major League Baseball for two seasons. Keep reading the article to discover the truth.

Trevor Bauer was born and brought up in the United States, and he is now 31 years old. His fans are in shock, and they want to know What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended

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What was the actual reason behind Trevor Bauer getting suspended?

After investigating, Major League Baseball decided to suspend Trevor Bauer because of the allegation of assault. On Friday, Rob Manfred, the Commissioner, announced the news. Under the joint Assualt, Child Mistreatment, and more of Major League Baseball policy, they suspended Trevor for two seasons or 324 games. During his suspension period, Trevor will not be paid, and he cannot play any games in this period.

Trevor Bauer is the first who will get suspended for this long time. The article What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended is getting interesting after knowing that before Trevor, many players got suspended under the MLB’s joint policy of Assault, Child Mistreatment, and more. Still, Trevor Bauer is the first who refused to obey the MLB’s decision. 

Who applied for a restraining order against Trevor?

As stated in the Washington Post, an Ohio woman filed a charge sheet against Trevor Bauer for assault. After that, Trevor was on administrative leave by MLB, and the Pasadena police department started to investigate. If you want to know in detail about What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended, then keep reading the article.

The reporters of The Athletic, Britt Ghiroli and Katie Strang, mentioned that the victim woman agreed in a report. Still, she did not give any consent for assault. The reporters also said that Trevor Bauer even choked and smacked the woman. 

What was Trevor’s reaction after hearing the final decision of MLB?

Today, Trevor Bauer tweeted that he did not violate the MLB’s joint policy of Assault, Child Mistreatment etc. he expected to prevail. 

After knowing about What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended, let’s see MLB’s past suspended players:

  • Alex Rodriguez is 2014 for 211 games. 
  • Ryan Braun is in 2012 for 50 games.

Under the joint policy of Assualt,  and Child Mistreatment,  previous suspensions by MLB varied from 15 to 162 games. But Trevor Bauer is suspended for 324 games or two whole seasons of Major League Baseball. It is the highest suspension period in the history of MLB.

Summing Up:

Though Trevor is still in denial, Manfred has already concluded that Bauer will be suspended for two seasons without getting paid. After knowing What Did Trevor Bauer Do to Be Suspended, his fans, family and friends are in shock. You can click on the link below to get more information about Trevor Bauer.

Do you think MLB made the right decision or not? Comment below.

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