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What Grisha Order Are You (April) Checkout Here Now!

What Grisha Order Are You (April) Checkout Here Now! >> The following article is about the terminology used in a famous OTT platform web series and books.

Which is your favorite Grisha Order? Do you want to take a quiz to check which Grisha Order suits you the best? This article has everything you need to know about Grisha and its Orders. 

Based on a Netflix series that went viral in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the books are loved everywhere. 

What Grisha Order Are You” is trending in Shadow and Bone enthusiasts. Let us see more about it. 

Who or What is Grisha?

Grisha is a group of people who practice Minor Science and are divided into three orders- Corporalki, Materialki, and Etherealki. Then each order is further divided into specialized types. Most Grisha shows certain powers at an early age but occasionally Grisha is born with extremely uncommon hereditary skills to like to summon light, as portrayed with Alina Starkov, or else darkness, as shown with the Darkling. Together they are said to be Etherealki and are part of the Order of Summoners.

Before answering the question- What Grisha Order Are You, you must know everything about each order. 

If you wish to know more about the books and their fandom, you can visit its official website- 

Detailed Overview 

Often ideologies similar to like calls to like are taken to enlighten Grisha’s power, and most of the Grisha see their powers as extensions of the natural world and call it Minor Science and not magic.  

The term “Grisha” is short of the term Grigori and is derivative from the original Sankt Grigori, who skilled the first Corporalki in Ravka.

Those Grisha who don’t use their influences for extended periods are said to get weaker over a period.

What Grisha Order Are You?

Corporal – Corporalki or the Order of the Living and the Dead is Grisha whose power concentrates on the human body. They are further classified into – 

  • Heartrenders – They can stop a human’s heart or can prevent air from entering their lungs.
  • Healers – They can manipulate the human body to heal wounds and injuries. 
  • Tailors – they can alter human appearances.

Etherealki – Known as the Order of Summoners, their power lies in the manipulations of diverse natural elements. They are then divided into – 

  • Squallers – They can raise or lower air pressure to create storms, gusts, and manipulate objects. (Wait to answer What Grisha Order Are You, there are many more to come.)
  • Inferni – Can summon combustible gases such as methane or hydrogen with the help of a spark.
  • Tidemakers – Use temperature to summon and control water.

Materialki – Known as the Order of Fabrikators, their power focuses on composite materials like grass and metal.

  • Durasts – They deal with solids such as glass.
  • Alkemi – specializes in poisons and blasting powders.


The Grisha are supernatural humans with extraordinary powers. We explained each type of Grisha to you above. 

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Which Grisha do you like the best? Comment below.

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