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What Happened to Walton Family {Jan} Entertainment News

The Waltons was the most famous and high rated television series in the seventies. So, the people are still curious about What Happened to Walton Family.

It was 1970. At that time, a television series was getting the attention of millions of audiences. 

People watched that series and found many similar experiences about their own families. 

The name of the series was “The Waltons”. 

The television series was so popular among the audiences of the United Kingdom and the United States

It was a series about a family. Their interrelationship, home politics and the challenges they were faced with. 

It is now almost 5 decades past after its introduction to Television. But people still want to know What Happened to Walton Family.

The Series – The Waltons

If you were a watcher of that television series, you could remember the storyline of The Waltons. 

The Waltons family was living in the Virginia Mountains. Actually, the Waltons were an extensive family. 

They have faced the “Great Depression” in the seventies era. Television was so popular that it caught the attention of the audiences of the Philippines. In this South-Asian country, “The Waltons” was very popular. 

However, the family drama of Waltons broke all the old records. It won three “Emmy Awards” from 1972 to 1981. The series and the Tele-film were also very famous in the eighties and nineties.  

What Happened to Walton Family

Now the question is what happened to them. People are really interested to know about their old reel characters and actors. So, we have done some research about them. 

  1. Remember “John Walton, Sr”. The character was played by actor Ralph Waite. After the Walton drama, he continued his career in other television features and stage acting. But he expired in 2014 at the age of 85. 
  2. Micheal Learned acted as Olivia Daly Walton. For her acting, she got six nominations in Emmy Awards. She won three Emmy for the series. She became very famous after the series. 

What Happened to Walton Family– Other Actors 

Other actors like Ellen Corby, Jon Walmsley, and Mary Beth were pursuing their careers as voice-over artists. 

Ellen Corby, who played the Grandma Character, later tried her luck in Hollywood. She also worked as a camera person in many Hollywood movies. 

Jon Walmsley later became a famous voice-over artist. He also worked as a musician in series like “7th Heaven” and “The Secret Life of American Teenager” and many more. 

Why is the Walton Drama News grabbing the Attention? 

The Waltons was the most blockbuster television series at that time. Many people still remember the family drama. The audiences still want to know – What Happened to Walton Family because it is the 50th anniversary of this series.

The drama was given many messages at that time. The theatre characters were so popular and lively that audiences couldn’t forget their adventure in that series. Audiences were entertained and got compassion and heart touching memories for the drama. 


At last, we can say, “The Waltons” was described as one of the best television series in the seventies. 

Many people still remember the drama and their enjoyment, thinking about the Walton family. 

So, the audiences are still eager to know What Happened to Walton Family

You can check the link for more knowledge.   

Did you watch the Walton Family Drama? Share your opinions in the comment section. 

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