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What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair {July}

What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair {July} >> Here, we will read about a common question from a story that has created confusion among the students

If you have read about the story ‘ Packing for the journey, then some questions must have popped up in your head, such as What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair.’ This story is taught to students in India in 8th or 9th standard. Most of the students find this story very interesting as the author has given it a humorous ride. The story is an extract that has been taken from Three Men in a Boat written by the author Jerome K. Jerome. 

About the story:

The story revolves around three friends, Jerome (the narrator), George, and Harris, who pack their bags to go on a journey. The narrator describes their experience in the story, which later turns into commotion, and that is where students ask questions like What happened When George Put Butter on the Chair. Jerome is seemed to be confident at the beginning of the story about his packing skills and had expected that his friends would work under his guidance. But as he offered to pack the bag, both of his friends sat down and let Jerome do all the work alone. 

Later Harris remembered that he forgot to pack his shoe, after which they had to reopen the bag. Soon after this, Jerome remembered his toothbrush. Thus, they had to unpack again. After this, George and Harris offered to pack the hampers, during which they created a lot of chaos. 

What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair?

It all started when Harris and George were trying to pack the butter. George had trod on the butter, and it had got stuck to his slipper. So, they scrapped off the butter and then tried to keep it in the kettle. But the butter wouldn’t go in, and whatever was in the kettle wouldn’t come out. So finally, they scratched it off, and George put the butter on the Chair. 

Now Harris sat on the same Chair, and the butter got stuck behind him. After this, they started looking for the butter everywhere in the room until George found it stuck behind Harris. 

How did the story end?

You already know What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair. So now let’s see how did Packing go. So, after creating all that mess around and losing one stuff after the other, George and Harris were still not done with the Packing when Montmorency came in and disrupted everything.

Montmorency was Harris’s dog, and he only added trouble. First of all, he jumped into the hamper and then put his leg into the jam that they had packed. Then, after creating all this chaos, he started playing with the lemons. Finally, they completed the Packing at 12:50.


Students sometimes get stuck on simple questions like What Happened When George Put Butter on the Chair while solving questions related to a story. Under this article, we have clarified one such simple question from the story packing for the journey.

Have you ever got stuck while solving the questions related to a story? Get a detailed summary of the story packing for the journey and share your experience.

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