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What I Want You Got Wordle {April} Entire Knowledge!

Please read this account to learn about What I Want You Got Wordle regarding the latest answer in Heardle, the musical spin-off of the popular word game.

Do you like to play online musical games? Have you been playing the popular challenge game recently? Then, you must be interested in knowing about the latest answer to the puzzle. So, please continue reading to get the required details. 

This report has talked about the most recent answer to the music-based guessing game on the Internet. However, people Worldwide want to know more about the song for that day. Therefore, please read further about What I Want You Got Wordle.

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What I Want You Got in Wordle Version

What I Want You Got is a song whose singers are John Oates and Daryl Hall. The song recently got viral by Tom Cardy’s TikTok post. Heardle, the musical version of Wordle, chose this piece as the song to be guessed on 3 April 2022. 

Players tried to guess the day’s song by listening to the intro music. Although the song is popular due to the viral meme, gamers did not know the original artists behind it. So, users began searching for What I Want You Got Wordle on their browser.

Although the game’s name is Heardle, people searched it by typing Wordle. Wordle is the parent game for all such versions as Heardle, Nerdle, Worldle, Absurdle, etc. Thus, gamers Worldwide expected to get accurate information by searching this game’s lyrics beside Wordle. 

What is Heardle?

Heardle is the musical spin-off version of the famous word-guessing game Wordle. In Heardle, gamers must guess a new song daily that the system chooses randomly. First, users have to guess the song in six attempts correctly. Then, they must select the attempt from a menu of pre-loaded songs.

What I Want You Got Wordle Based on Meme

The answer of Heardle number 37 on 3 April 2022 was based on a meme song. This song was What I Want You Got, viral through a TikTok user. Unfortunately, gamers hardly knew the actual singers of this song and thus, were unable to select the correct answer from the dropdown. 

Heardle’s team recently used another meme song to prank the gamers. On April Fool’s Day, the portal redirected the users to Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley to rickroll the gamers. Rickrolling means playing pranks.

Heardle requires the original artists of any song as the correct answer. Therefore, gamers searched for What I Want You Got Wordle to know the actual singers’ names. 

About What I Want You Got

The singers of the subject song are the famous pop stars, John Oates and Daryl Hall. The actual name of this song is You Make My Dreams. The duo released this song in their album Voices in 1981. The number made to the fifth position in the Billboard chart in 1981. Many movies and TV shows of the comic genre picturized this number in the succeeding years. 


This song gained popularity due to the meme that recently became viral. But people knew it by another name from the TikTok version. Thus, many Heardle players wanted to know What I Want You Got Wordle to maintain their winning streak. Do you want to know more about the song? Then, refer You Make My Dreams to increase your musical knowledge.

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