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What Is A Consort To The Queen (April 2021) Know Here!

What Is A Consort To The Queen (April 2021) Know Here! >> Fan of reading about royal families? Read this article to know about one of the vital roles of the Royal Family.

Have you heard about the latest news that the consort to the Queen died recently? If he was the Queen’s husband, why don’t we call him a King?  

In this post, we will reveal the possibility of the next King or Queen and their Consorts after we answer What Is A Consort to The Queen, so read this article till the end.  

No matter where you are from, the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia, everyone knows about the Majesty, but only a few know about Prince Philip.

Definition of Consort

The person married or spouse of the ruling queen or king is called the royal consort. The consort however may not have any constitutional status and powers, but they indeed can have a major influence over the Queen or the King being their better halves. Although they do not have any constitutional powers, they do have some vital roles.  Let us now look at their duties.

What Is A Consort to The Queen rules and duties?

The consort’s most important role is that they support the monarch (The ruling Queen or King). The Queen or the King can determine the role they wish to give the monarch. For example, the last monarch had a ceremonial role i.e., to be beside the Majesty at every event like ceremonial occasions or state events.  

The monarch also does important charity works on behalf of the Royal House. It is not as easy as it seems to be What Is A Consort to The Queen. They also must visit and promote various programs or industries (As a chief guest) and do multiple meets and greets representing the Royal Family. They do, however, can work on their preferred fields by choice too. 

Who is the Current Consort of the Royal Family?

The current position of consort is now vacant as Prince Philip, husband of Queen Elizabeth II died this Friday at the age of 99. He was the consort to the Majesty ever since they got married in 1947. He was officially declared as the Prince of the United Kingdom in 1957 by the Queen.

He was What Is A Consort to The Queen, for over 70 years and was the longest and oldest serving consort ever in the British Royal Family. 

Next Possible Consort

Wife of Prince Charles, Camilla the Duchess of Cornwall might become the next Consort as Prince Charles is the next successor of the throne.  

Final Verdict 

A person married to the ruling monarch becomes the Royal Consort. However, one may not be a consort forever due to many consequences like- divorce or the death of either the consort of the monarch.  

We hope that we answered all your doubts regarding What Is A Consort to The Queen

Who do you think will be the next consort? Let us know in the comment section below.

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