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What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called (December)

What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called (December) >>In this article, you are reading about the Kwanzaa festival and special candle holder that is used during a festival!

Introduction: Do you want to know that What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa CalledAs Christmas is approaching, children, youngsters, and adults are waiting in the United States and regions to decorate their Christmas tree to make the occasion memorable.

Many users are checking the details of Kwanzaa; a festival celebrated in the last week of December. It is a celebration of African American and American history and culture.This festival was started in 1966 by Dr Maulana Karenga, who wanted to bring together the African Americans.It is a week-long celebration, and people are thrilled and waiting to celebrate the fantastic week.With this article, we will inform you about the Kwanzaa and its details.

What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called?

The candle holder for Kwanzaa is known as Kinara. It is a seven-place candle holder. It represents the original stalk out of which there was the origination of African people.Kwanzaa name is originated from the phrase ‘Matunda ya kwanza.’ It comes from the Swahili language, which means ‘first fruits.’ Swahili is an Eastern African language.It is spoken in many countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. 

The candle stand, Kinara, is used during Kwanzaa festival. During this festival, all the candles are lit in Kinara.To know all these details, viewers wanted to know What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called?

What Do The Seven Candles Represent?

Lighting seven candles is associated with the festival Kwanzaa. The seven candles for the seven days represent Seven Principles of Nguzo Saba or Kwanzaa. These seven principles are the following:

  • Umoja: It represents the Unity of race, family, nation, and community.
  • Kujichagulia: It represents Self Determination, i.e., responsible for their own behaviour and conduct.
  • Ujima: It represents Collective responsibility and work, i.e., working to help in the community and with each other.
  • Ujamaa: It represents Cooperative economics, i.e., working to build businesses and shops.
  • Nia: It represents Purpose, i.e., restoring and remembering American African customs, cultures, and history.

Hence, the query is solved no for What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called?


Kwanzaa is a festival, mostly celebrated in the United States. It is a fstival that is celebrated for seven days and takes place from December 26 to January 1, every year. The seven candles or Mishumaa Saba refer to Seven Principles. These principles are of the African community, family, culture, and values. 

The colours of these seven candles are green, red, and black. The three red candles are placed on the left, while the three green ones are placed on the right, and a black candle is placed in the centr.There is always a query for the Kwanzaa festival, which we could let our user know about What Is the Candle Holder for Kwanzaa Called? It means Kinara.Kindly share your views at the end of the article.

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