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What Is the Clear Cup Scam: Is It Legit? Find All The Essential Details Here!

This article has informed readers about What Is the Clear Cup Scam and how one can avoid this scam.

Have you ever been to Paris? A scam with the name Clear Cup scam has become the talk among tourists from the United States and around the globe. People are curious to know about the scam and how people have been scammed regularly because of these Clear cups.

Disclaimer – We do not aim to misguide the readers. This article is for informative purposes, and all the information is on the internet.

If you have been through this or want to be alerted before getting scammed, this article will inform you about What Is the Clear Cup Scam.

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What is the Clear Cup Scam?

People on the street put their coins in clear cups and set them up in the middle, mainly in places where they can get a large crowd.

Most of the time, because of the clear and transparent cup, tourists could not see the glass and mistakenly kickedthe cup. This results in a guilty situation for the tourists, and in return, they offer the scammers some money.

Is Clear Cup Legit?

Yes, the clear cup scam is legit, and many tourists have made videos about it on the internet to warn people not to make this mistake.

According to these people, they purposely do this trick with most tourists to scam and rob them. They not only ask tourists for money but also when they bend down to collect the coins which they have kicked. They and some pickpockets will rob the tourists during this scam without letting them know.

What do people think about this scam after knowing What Is the Clear Cup Scam?

After knowing about the scam, people want to be alerted and wish not to fall for the scam. However, few people find this trick clever.

People who have been through this situation tell others it is good to be rude sometimes. However, even if people accidentally kick the cup, they should ignore it and keep going on their way because this whole thing is a trap to rob foreigners who are new to the city and don’t know how people can pull out tricks to scam them.

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The Final Words

Yes, the Clear cup scam is legit, and many foreigners have fallen into it without any idea.

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Is Clear Cup Legit (FAQs)

1- Is the Clear Cup scam popular in Paris?

A- Yes, many of the residents of Paris are aware of this scam, but for foreigners, it’s new.

2- Is this the only scam that people do in Paris?

A- No, people pull different types of scams on foreigners.

3- Has anyone seen people execute this scam?

A- Yes. Plenty of people have seen them doing it.

4-What Is the Clear Cup Scam for scammers?

A- For scammers, it is a way to rob people for money.

5- What are the other scams in Paris?

A- Common tourist scams are Friendship Bracelets, Fake Tickets, Free roses, Dropped Ring scams, etc.

6- Why are these pranks pulled in Paris?

A- Because Paris is one of the famous tourist spots.

7-What do people from other countries think about whether Is Clear Cup Legit?

A- Most people think it is legit.

8- Is this scam famous in Paris or the whole of France?

A- Mostly in Paris.

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