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What Is The Gab App (Jan 2021) An App For Free Speech!

What Is The Gab App (Jan 2021) An App For Free Speech! >> This post details a social networking platform for free speech. Please check the details now.

What Is the Gab App? The advancement of technology and social networking sites allows users to share their views and thoughts with people. Gab has been trending over time and has received over 10,000 new users every hour. This has generated curiosity among people to know about the Gab App and how it is advantageous to users.

Gab has garnered wide users from across the United States that claims to allow people free speech, liberty, and the opportunity for a free flow of information. 

This post presents a detailed overview of the App and Is Gab on the App Store.

What is Gab Application?

Gab is one of the trending topics that is continuously becoming popular with users across the USA. Social Networking allows users to present their views and opinions freely. 

Who would not be interested in having a platform which is decentralized and open? It has a layout similar to Twitter, which makes it easy for users to view trending posts and explore more, along with sharing views freely. So, now are you ready to know more about What Is the Gab App?

Founded by Andrew Torba in 2016 and published by Gab, this App claims to be the future for a free and decentralized medium wherein users experience social media on their terms. Users herein are presented with a fresh take on social networking. It allows users to speak freely online. 

However, the App is not available and is banned from Apple App Store and Google Play Store considering its refusal of censorship of speech for Apple and Google. Users can still download the application from Gab.com to Android and iOS phones.

How to Download the Gap App?

Are you curious to try out Gab App? Now that you What Is the Gab App, let’s know how to download the App on your smartphone. Below listed are the steps to get the App on Android and iOS:

Steps to get the Gab App on Android:

  • Initiate the chrome application
  • Visit Gab.com
  • Tap on the menu and select the “Add to Homescreen” option
  • Users must now enter the shortcut name.
  • Add Chrome app to the home screen
  • Launch the application at your smartphone.

Steps to get Gab App on iOS

  • Launch the Safari Application
  • Visit Gab.com
  • Then, tap on the menu and choose “Add to Home screen.”
  • Enter a name to the shortcut
  • Add to the Home screen
  • Launch or Open the App


After learning What Is the Gab App, we can conclude it as an open-source platform that allows millions of users in the United States to communicate their thoughts and ideas freely. Having a layout similar to Twitter, it displays to users trending posts and explore more.

Downloadable on Android and iOS, are you ready to enjoy a free-speech platform without censorship? Why not try out Gab and explore a ground to keep your thoughts.

Let us know what you think about Gab App. Please write to us and leave your feedback in the comments box below.

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