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What Is The Use Of A Desoldering Station?

As the name suggests, a desoldering station is used for desoldering a soldered metal. Before learning about the use of a desoldering station, one must know the process of desoldering.

The process of desoldering is the exact opposite of soldering. In soldering two pieces of metals are joined with a solder in between. In desoldering, two already joined pieces of metal are separated by removing the filler metal in between.

Desoldering is performed on metals for two reasons. Firstly, remove the solder and separate the two pieces of metal. Secondly, to correct the soldering done on two pieces of metal.

Whenever workers think that the soldering is weak, they use a soldering kit or other desoldering tools to make the solder bond stronger. Correcting the solder bond also occurs when there are some remaining solid components of the filler metal.

Desoldering station


Just like desoldering is the opposite of soldering, a desoldering station is the opposite of a soldering station. A desoldering station is used for desoldering metals and filler components.

Apart from desoldering, this station can also be used for pass-through electronic components. Thus desoldering stations can also be used for multiple purposes other than desoldering filler metals.

Good quality desoldering stations can perform soldering tasks as well. Plus, such desoldering stations do not harm the circuitry of the metal components while desoldering the filler metal. 

Desoldering stations are mostly used in places where people work with complex electronic components. It is because these components require frequent soldering and desoldering. Hence, instead of a soldering station, such places have a desoldering station that can perform both tasks.

desoldering station contains various accessories and tools used in soldering and desoldering. Some of these tools are pick equipment, sharp tips, brushes, broad tips, soldering iron tips, etc. 

The picture given below show the accessories and tools a desoldering station contains. click here to buy good quality desoldering stations.


Use of a desoldering station

The primary use of a desoldering station is for removing the filler material between a metal to separate the pieces. They are also used for repairing soldered metals. 

As the soldering of metals can get weak over time, desoldering of such metals is done to make the bond strong again. After desoldering the weaker components of the metal, they are soldered again. This way the bond gets stronger.

Most desoldering stations are equipped with vacuums. These vacuums are in-built in the station. The purpose of these vacuums is to maintain cleanliness on the circuit board.

As the desoldered filler metal comes out in the process, the in-built vacuums push it away. Thus, the removal of components of the filler metal does not mess up the circuit board. This way the circuit board and the wires are kept safe while desoldering a metal.

To use a desoldering station, the person first has to set the required temperature. Next, they have to put the desoldering gun on the solder metal. It creates a heat bridge between the two and the solder melts.

After enough solder melts, the person has to turn on the vacuums so that the solder removals move away from the circuit board. The process is repeated till the desired amount of metal is desoldered.

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