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What Three Weeks Without Alcohol (June) Know Benefits!

What Three Weeks Without Alcohol (June) Know Benefits! >> Please read more in this article on a life-changing decision story and the impact it had on her.

Worldwidemost of us enjoy letting loose and letting go of life stresses once or maybe twice a week and most of the time, and we engage ourselves in some recreational activity.

However, what starts as a fun time with friends and experimentation turns into a problem for some people, and eventually, alcohol turns into an ever-looming presence in their life and starts to cloud their judgment. 

But thanks to incalculable human capability and strength, there is nothing in the world that cannot be overcome by sheer willpower. Hence today, we are immensely humbled to share a story of a woman who showed What Three Weeks Without Alcohol looks like. 

The Story 

Danielle Pierce, a 24-year-old woman from Texas, gained Worldwide popularity from Tik Tok after documenting her journey towards sobriety after years of drinking. 

She was 16 years old when she started to experiment with alcohol. However, what started as an experiment soon took predominance in her lifestyle, and by the age of 18, she was hooked on alcohol consumption. 

In an interview, she told that often she would chug two bottles of wine in the week followed by sipping shots. On weekends her choice of alcohol would be in the form of Cocktails. But, on 18th May 2021, she decided to turn a life around and got sober for some time. Let us see the motivation behind Woman Three Weeks Without Alcohol.

Motivation Behind 

There was plenty of motivation for Miss Pierce to go sober. Some of the other reasons for change mentioned by Miss Pierce in her interview are: 

  • One of the biggest motivations for this journey is none other than her parents. 
  • She started to have stomach and gut issues, due to which she became intolerable to some food items. 
  • Her mood deteriorated, and she felt uninspired, grumpy and lazy most of the time. 
  • She also gained unexpected weight on her body, and alcohol disrupted her sleep pattern.
  • She was not excelling in her professional or personal life. She started to have social anxiety and became extremely recluse; this affected her mental health badly. 
  • Her expenditure on buying the drinks was approx. $114 a week that was a lot to handle. 

What Three Weeks Without Alcohol Look Like? 

Miss Pierce told in her interview that she started her journey towards sobriety as a 21-day thing. It was after extremely rewarding results that she decided to continue with the journey forward. According to her, the noticeable changes are: 

  • She lost 15 pounds of weight after stopping, in addition to having great skin and sleep.  
  • Her social anxiety decreased, and hence her mental health improved. 
  • Stopping alcohol resolved her stomach issues. 
  • She gained her confidence back, which made her more outgoing and friendly. 
  • She started to save money that she previously wasted on alcohol. 

Hence, we all can agree that answer to What Three Weeks Without Alcohol looks like is healthy. 

Closing Thoughts

The journey towards sobriety is never easy. Unfortunately, it is a task easier said than done, and most people fail to understand that. 

Hence what Miss Pierce achieved is worth applauding and very inspirational for struggling people to get out of alcohol addiction. Visit here for a more inspirational journey of sobriety

Does this motivational journey inspire you? What are your viewpoints? What do you think of this Woman Three Weeks Without Alcohol journey? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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