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When Did US Leave Afghanistan {Aug} Read & Resolve Query

When Did US Leave Afghanistan {Aug} Read & Resolve Query >> This news article talks about the sudden deployment of the land of liberty from the country in its shelter for 20 long years.

It’s a piece of bad news for Afghanistan as the United States withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is almost completed and is aiming to be completely over by September 11th, 2021. When Did Us Leave Afghanistan and the possible reasons and outcomes with its regard have always been a topic of prime interest worldwide- especially in the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and India. This news article will focus on all the said topics and clear out the concepts of the US war with Afghanistan, America’s invasion into Afghanistan, and its deployment.


America went to Afghanistan twenty years back to find and defeat the forces that attacked its country on September 11th. During this process, it ended up killing Osama Bin Laden and successfully degraded Al Qaeda. The question arose till then When Did Us Leave Afghanistan, or did they? Well, they didn’t. America has put all its efforts and resources over these twenty years of war with Afghanistan. It has also trained around 3 lac Afghan soldiers and police and equipped them with all military equipment- all with the mission of uprooting Taliban from the State of Afghanistan and establishing a western-style democracy in it.

Then what went wrong?

Since then, under the leadership of President George W. Bush and after President Barack Obama, America installed a pro-western government, built new schools, hospitals, and other public facilities in Afghanistan to win over the Afghanis, and uprooted the Taliban fr the State. The question “When Did Us Leave Afghanistan?” or “when will they?” has attracted a lot of debates.

Talibans kept growing stronger, and it costed millions of Americans who were given training as soldiers to accomplish the mission, in the process. America sent its most-trained young men and women soldiers to Afghanistan and invested around $1 trillion over these twenty years of war with the country. It was a mission with extremely minimal chances of positive outcomes. Moreover, it cost America a considerable portion of its resources for something that wouldn’t benefit its citizens. But what about the innocent lives of Afghanistan who depended on no one else but America? 

When Did Us Leave Afghanistan?

Keeping aside the entire dilemma that it carried for 20 long years, America, under the current leadership of Joe Biden, has finally decided to deploy all its troops from Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021. President Joe Biden reported that the Taliban are in no hurry to negotiate. Therefore, it seems futile to cost all the American sisters and brothers and its enormous assets on a mission that would bring nothing to its own country but just losses. Moreover, America now no longer has any military aircraft based in Afghanistan, which created an excellent opportunity to take over the Taliban. 


Though “When Did Us Leave Afghanistan” is now answered, it resulted in great havoc in the country of Afghanistan, and a lot of disastrous incidents are yet to take place. We all are aware of the Taliban’s rule with extreme dictatorships and breaches of human rights.And let us know about your valuable opinion in the comments section below.You can even learn more about the exact status of America’s deployment and its causes.

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