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When Will the Depp Trial End {May 2022} Reveal The Facts

This post will guide the readers on, When Will the Depp Trial End. Get through the detailed information here.

Have you heard of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s case? They are seen to be in court 18 months after their last showdown. The news has been trending in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia. 

This is one of the most surfed questions on the web today. This post on When Will the Depp Trial End will give us all the necessary details about the case. Hence, kindly go through this post for information.

Details about the Depp Trial

Heard has been sued by Depp over a Washington Post where she states that she has been a victim of domestic violence. Depp said that his work life had been affected, so he backfired by suing her. The issue continues in Virginia at Fairfax. 

The case was again in the limelight on 11th April last month, and Depp lost the case last November 2020. The news has been trending over the web. 

When Does the Johnny Depp Trial End?

The trial was to take place for five weeks, and it is expected to conclude after 27th May. The trial was initiated on 11th April, and in between, a break was given to the two parties. The concluding statements are expected to be out on 27th May. Now the expected last week of the case is to be kicked off. 

The case has reached a point where both have been putting allegations of physical and mental abuse against each other. The process of cross-examination and hearing of the witnesses is continued, and the final judgment is passed. 

When Will the Depp Trial End?

Heard’s sister has been a source of evidence, and the actor Ellen Barkin. James Franco and Elon Musk were also on the list of giving pieces of evidence. In the post that Depp uploaded, she mentioned and referred to Kate Moss, whom he dated earlier. 

She claims that she was earlier pushed down the stairs. Therefore, the legal battle continues between the defamation case and the case against domestic violence. 

Why is the News Trending?

Both the oppositions, in this case, are well known as they come from an entertainment background. The question now is, When Does the Johnny Depp Trial End? After this case came into the limelight, it was the most surfed question.

Various platforms like the social media handlers are reviewing this case, thus making it breaking news all over. Moreover, the case backfired by putting up an allegation of a defamation case against the case of domestic violence and physical abuse. 


The final judgment is much awaited. After the fifth week of the proceeding, the verdict is expected to be out by the judge after the whole process of witnesses, accusations, and evidence. Thus we will get an answer to the question When Will the Depp Trial End?

Note – all the details present here are based on internet research.

Moreover, to know more about the case, go through the link. What are your opinions on this trial? Please comment.

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