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Where to Find COVID Credit Card Relief

Where to Find COVID Credit Card Relief – If COVID-19 has put the hurt on your finances, you may want to see if your credit card issuer is offering some type of debt relief, perhaps waived fees or deferred payments. Here’s some info on where to find COVID credit card relief.

The Situation

In this unprecedented and uncertain time, some credit card companies are helping their customers by giving them info that ultimately could ease some of their financial burden.

If you need help, take a gander at the below list of assistance efforts to see if your issuer is included.

American Express

This issuer is providing online advice about how to manage your accounts. If you have reservations through Amex Travel, it directs you through a separate COVID-19 information hub for details specific to airlines. Also, Amex may be able to reduce your monthly payment and waive late payment fees.


Chase is offering COVID credit card relief in the form of delayed payments on your personal or business plastic. Go online for assistance. The company also has a dedicated site for cardholders who have for travel-related inquiries. 

Goldman Sachs (Apple Card)

This company is contacting Apple Card customers about an option to enroll in its customer assistance program. 


If the pandemic has affected you, you can have your payments deferred through the issuer’s relief program. HSBC may also lower your payments, forego interest charges, and waive late fees for 90 days.

Navy Federal Credit Union

This financial institution is offering affected customers credit limit hikes, overdraft protection, no-fee transfers. Contact it for more info.

PNC Bank

This issuer will consider assisting affected customers on a case-by-case basis. Contact the company for more information.

Other Issuers

If you don’t see your credit card issuer here, contact it anyway to see what’s being offered. If you’re concerned about making your payments and are uncertain whether your issuer is offering relief, check out the corporate website or call the issuer’s customer service number.

Questions You Can Ask Your Issuer

Here are some questions you can ask your lender as you’re exploring your options:

  • Can I miss or defer a payment? It doesn’t hurt to ask.
  • Will you waive my late fee? It’s worth seeking a one-time waiver.
  • Will I be charged a penalty if my payment is late? If you miss a payment due to COVID-19, ask your issuer whether it would consider waiving any penalty.
  • Will my late payment be reported to credit bureaus? Make certain you ask whether the issuer intends to do so.
  • Will you lower my interest rate? If it’s a” no” for skipping a payment or waiving interest charges, see if the issuer will at least drop your interest rate.
  • Will you raise my credit limit? If you need to lean more heavily on your plastic these days, this might be the perfect time to seek a credit line hike.
  • Will you refund the points or miles I used to book a canceled trip? If your trip was booked through your issuer’s travel portal and you want to cancel, try to get reimbursed for your rewards as well as money spent. 

Now you know a bit more about where to find COVID credit card relief. It’s been a tough time for everyone, about which credit card issuers are aware. So, it doesn’t hurt to contact your issuer to see what it can do for you. You may be pleasantly surprised. Reach out to it today.

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