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White Hat Jr Reviews (July 2020)- Checkout Here!

White Hat Jr Reviews (July 2020)- Checkout Here! >> In this article, you will come across a website that teaches kids coding.

Computer science is a vast area and has enormous scope in future. We all are aware that everyone is so keen on learning to code these days, and it is so much trendy. The reason behind is the future scope in coding and data science.

Computers were first used in the United States, and after that, they came to the rest of the world. We, humans, understand languages like Hindi, English, French, and German. But have we ever thought about how do computers work? We type things on the computer in the language we understand which is mostly English.

Do computers also understand the primary language which we understand or do they have their language? To answer all these questions, White Hat Jr Reviews has come up with a solution and to know that you have to read this article.

Coding is a language which computers understand, and this is a skill which only professionals can do and work. Every company hires professional coders to code for their company. Each and everything related to digital media and the internet requires coding. Coding is necessary to build any website or to make applications. Life is incomplete without coding in this era.

Also, we will help you to know the answer to the question Is White Hat Jr Legit? So keep reading the article to know more.

What is White Hat Jr?

White Hat Jr is an online educational website which teaches coding to children of age 6 to 18 years is based in India. Till now, coding was limited to higher education or masters degree, but this company has brought a different vision overall to coding.

Coding is challenging to understand in a few years, but when you do it regularly since your childhood, you become a master in it. This website aims to teach children coding at a very young age so that they can decide their career accordingly in future. This company is giving a new lookout for coding. Also, the best teachers are there teaching online.

The company is also giving ample amount of employment opportunities by hiring the best of coders from the world to teach on this platform.

Why is coding important for kids?

According to a study done by NASA, people are more creative at their young age, and they start to lose their creativity as they grow into adults. The studies say that kids are more likely to learn and adopt new things at the age of 6, and that is the reason why this company starts coding for children from 6 years of age.

We all are right now using the technology and would not prefer to learn anything new right now leaving our current jobs, but we can make your children learn to not only use the technology but to create it. It will help them build a better future and career.


  • Contact number: 022-68337300
  • E-mail address: support@whitehatjr.com
  • Website link: https://www.whitehatjr.com/

Benefits of White Hat Jr for your children:

  • Your children will learn Logic as it cannot be build overnight and is a continuing process.
  • Kids will also learn the process of sequencing and structure in the computer language.
  • Other things kids can learn on this website are algorithm thinking and processing.
  • The Best part is your children will be able to design and develop new applications, games and animation.
  • When your kids learn coding at a very young age, they will develop a thought process and creativity, which will help them for their lifetime.

How does it work?

There are different login ids for both teachers and students. Before buying the course from the website, you can take a free live session. If you like the session, you can then buy your course amongst various options available.

What do customers want to say about White Hat Jr?

Customers are the building block of any company, and because this website entirely runs on online teaching, it is straightforward to find customer reviews. When White Hat Jr Reviews researched, we came to know that there are many reviews present on various social media platforms.

This website is becoming very famous in the United States, and people love it. Many reviews say the course of coding is incredible, and kids experience is excellent. Some of the reviews say that children are building apps at the age of 7 and 10, which is commendable.

Also, we can answer White Hat Jr Legit with full confidence now that website is legit and safe to use.

The bottom line

White Hat Jr Reviews concluded that this website would help children to learn coding at a very young age from best of teachers around the world. It will help them to improve their logical and algorithm thinking and will also build their thought process. 

Also if anyone asks Is White Hat Jr Legit then you can confidently say yes it is a legal site and safe for children to use and learn. Readers can drop their comments in the box below.

4 thoughts on “White Hat Jr Reviews (July 2020)- Checkout Here!

  1. Don’t believe the Hype! They are heartless and uncaring toward children and you can find better outlets for your child! They will text, call & email you to DEATH & your child will only have a basic experience, not “world class”. While coding is a great course of action for our children, White Hat Jr. is NOT the place to get it!

    1. Would you mind giving me your experience? I am set up for my daughter to take the free class. Is there another suggestion regarding companies to use?

  2. It’s an excellent course. My son has had a great experience so far. The course is very organized and the teacher is very dedicated. The only problem I have is that they have multiple different sale men contacting you at different times. This could create confusion and may allow scam to occur. Other than that, I think it is an awesome company and I would recommend this course to any adult who would like their kids to learn coding.

  3. Whoever wrote this obviously is either an employee or paid by Whitehat Jr to do this. They will never remove you from their call lists, they will attempt to steal your identity and harass your children with phone calls all day and night. I average over 14 calls a day from them, I had to block so many numbers because they wouldn’t stop. Then they told me they were affiliated with ISIS, the terrorist organization in the middle east, in an attempt to frighten me into paying them. There is no education in the company and they will only make extreme threats to try to get money.

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