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Who Alcohol Guidelines Women (June) Know Details Now!

Who Alcohol Guidelines Women (June) Know Details Now! >> This news is related to the WHO guidelines for healthy childbirth and alcohol consumption: read below for further guidance.

Researches have shown that alcohol consumption by any woman can increase the risk of health concerns more than men when they are at the stage of childbearing. The study reports from the United States and the United Kingdom show that alcohol does not matter, but the concentration of risk is higher in the women’s blood. 

Read the Who Alcohol Guidelines Women news below for more knowledge on guidelines and health warnings bought out by WHO for pregnant or nursing women. 

About WHO

The recent news of WHO states that – 2.8 million premature deaths per year have also been reported cause the increase in alcohol conception is for pain relief is comparatively higher than the past 2018 report.

WHO stands for World health organization, and it is founded in 1948 and has represented as an agency that connects the national partners and people to promote their health and safety. It is a specialized government structure in the United States as per the Who Alcohol Guidelines Women, which brings out principles, objectives and suggestions to improve and attain a prosperous and healthy lifestyle. 

During any pandemic or critical situation relating to the United Kingdom or any other country, WHO plans is to stimulate the healthy generation and spread valuable knowledge regarding the disease or health issue. Here the women need to take more care of their health to boost immunity system and follow the guidelines of WHO.

Continue scrolling below for specifications and detailed insight into the guideline.

Who should avoid it as per Who Alcohol Guidelines Women

  • A woman was pregnant or trying to conceive a baby
  • Women younger than 21
  • Women who take medications, drugs, sleeping pills, pain relief or any anti-anxiety medicine

Disease caused

Cause of the long use of alcohol, certain disorders or chronic diseases can be noticed as a health consequence in women’s bodies: –

  • Liver damage- Women who regularly intake alcohol develop alcoholic hepatitis related to a liver condition and permanent scarring.
  • Heart diseases- If women consume alcohol in the long term, it may relate to heart disease (as per in Who Alcohol Guidelines Women )
  • Breast cancer- Studies have shown that women who consume drinks daily with the highest percentage of alcohol have a chance to develop breast cancer most prominently.
  • Brain damage- Women are addicted to alcohol parts of the brain in areas such as memory loss or load decision-making capacity. It also develops blackouts intoxication and results in short term memory, known as memory consolidation.
  • Pregnancy issues- It is observed that women who are more exposed to alcohol have behavioral or physical problems conceiving a child. 


The World Health Organization has suspected the “scaremongering” afterward proposing that women of childbearing stage should evade consumption of alcohol completely because it may harm their chances of giving birth.

The Who Alcohol Guidelines Women says that the global alcohol action plan 2022-2030 requests countries to pay suitable care to avoidance of alcohol consumption in certain groups, together with women of pregnancy stage. Click here for more information 

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