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Who is Erik Grankvist- All Essential Details About Him

Check all relevant details on Who is Erik Grankvist

Nothing feels better than living a life of freedom and solitude far apart from the hectic buzz of the city and suburban neighborhoods. Gradually, you might have seen many YouTubers creating their log cabin and willing to reside off-grid in the natural surroundings. If so, you might know Who Eric Grankvist is and you might have heard about Erik Grankvist Cabin.

Well, Erik Grankvist, a young lad had a dream of having his survival in the woods and the wilds. He wanted to build his log cabin and when he tried his hands out at it, he had no information or experience on how it was to be done. However, he learned the process from his grandfather and now that he is free from his studies, he shoots videos and creates awe-inspiring content for his viewers.

Who is Erik Grankvist?

Currently residing in Sweden, Erik Grankvist is an adventure vlogger. He stepped on YouTube in September 2012 and ever since his channel has seen tremendous growth. At the age of 18, Erik decided to live off-grid in his own and self-created “Erik Grankvist Cabin”. 

Although he had no prior knowledge of gathering materials in the wild and then building an off-grid shelter, he slowly learned everything, and his maternal grandfather Ake Nilsson played a huge role in it. After graduating high school in 2019, he records his videos on his own and then edits them by himself. 

Erik Grankvist has been popular since he was 18. It was then he decided to pack a bag full of tools and equipment and rush into the woods to lead a life over there. He always dreamt of building a log cabin for himself and eventually he is seen getting successful in his attempts of doing so.

Erik Grankvist Cabin

Like The Primitive Technology guy, Erik Grankvist desired to design a log cabin for himself. Following his dream, he put his foot forward into the forests and wilderness of Sweden, and astonishingly, in his first YouTube video, he doesn’t even make use of advanced tools or equipment. He is seen cutting and chopping wood by himself and it has caught the utmost attention of the viewers. 

Erik Grankvist has slowly become a perfectionist in building a log cabin and surviving in the woods. Not only this, but the lad has also set up a small solar power system to ensure the power supply in his off-grid cabin. Erik has set a true example that nothing is impossible if one has the yearning to achieve it. Since he has successfully established his log cabin, Erik has been residing in it and creating amazing videos for us to watch.

Erik Grankvist Family

Living in the woods does not mean that Erik Grankvist has cut off his family. In fact, his family supports him at times when things go bad. Also, we know that it was his maternal grandfather who taught him how to build a log cabin. So, ever since Erik Grankvist decided to follow his dreams, his family has been helping him out with everything. Be it laundry or assisting him by teaching, his family has been there always.

How Much Does Erik Grankvist Earn?

Apart from his earnings via YouTube, Erik Grankvist asks for donations from people to build his log cabin or to put the money into similar use. So, keeping that passive income aside, Erik Grankvist can generate an income of $530,000 per year. 

A major breakthrough came in 2019 after Erik completed his high school graduation and uploaded a video on his channel. That video was a big hit and it has tremendously increased the number of subscribers and the number of views on Erik’s YouTube channel. Presently, he has 879K subscribers with nearly 295K views on his channel every day. 

Erik Grankvist Best Videos 

Erik’s dream has resulted in creating wonders in his life. It was constant support from his family and his determination to build his cabin that has now made him popular enough to earn a net worth of 530,000 dollars every year. Following is a list of some of the best videos by Erik Grankvist-

  • Two Years Alone in Forest- Building Log Cabin Like Our Forefathers 


  • Building Roof Structure For Log Cabin
  • Medieval Log Cabin DooZ
  • Rustic Swedish Log Cabin
  • Building Log Cabin Roof Alone in the Forests of Sweden


Erik Grankvist has been successful in his attempt of building a log cabin as a teenager. Now that he has learned the process and he has gained expertise in it, he can conveniently enjoy life in solitude and solace. 

Although he faces trouble at times, he has his family to support him always. Erik always tries to share his true experiences with his viewers and he is an inspiration that milestones can be achieved if you are dedicated to your goal.

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