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Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals (Jan 2022) Get The Answer

This article provides information on the famous Marvel character and gives insight into Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals and his features and connections.

Are you confused regarding the identity of Mr Whitman after watching the Eternals? Do you want to know about the history of the character and what role he has in the MCU’s future? Well, after the release of the Eternals on the digital platforms Worldwide, people have so many doubts in their minds. 

One of them is Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals and why he is important for the MCU future projects. Well, it’s time to find out.

What are Eternals?

Eternals are the cosmic beings that the Celestials create to keep the deviants away from the human race. Eternals are the oldest characters in the marvel comics sent to earth 7000 years ago for development and protection.

Eternals are the comics books created by the Marvels, published in July 1976 Worldwide, and recently, Marvel Studios released the cinematic version of the comics on November 5th, 2021.

 Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals

If you watched the film, you have some doubts regarding the character of Dane Whitman, which our favourite Jon Snow plays, i.e. Kit Harington. In the comics, Dane Whitman is the Black Knight who got the power from his sword called Ebony Blade.

Before Dane Whitman, his descendants yielded the sword, and it is believed that the sword is cursed with black magic that gives the power to the person and stops the aging process. 

Will Dane Whitman appears in the future projects of MCU?

Yes, after people knew Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals and his existence in the MCU, the directors and creators decided to take the character forward and make projects with it. So in the post-credit scene, you will hear a voice saying, ‘Sure, you are ready for this, Mr Whitman?’ According to the director, the man behind this voice is Mahershala Ali’s Blade. 

In the MCU, i.e. Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is shown in the post-credit scene of the Eternals that Dane Whitman is looking at the Ebony Blade. So we can say that Black Knight and the Blade will team up soon to take down the bad guys. 

What are the powers of the Black Knight?

Now the mystery solved Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals; it’s time to know about his powers and abilities that make him special. Well, when Dane Whitman picks up the sword, he grants the power of the Black knight as he gets the mystical armour, and the Ebony Blade is powerful on its own. 

However, in the comics, Black Knight has wielded many swords like Excalibur, Neural Sword, many more with different powers and capabilities. Also, the shield that he holds comprises Photon and cosmic energy. 

Final Verdict 

We hope you will get enough information about the black knight or Who Is Mr Whitman in Eternals and his connection with the Ebony Blade and future marvel cinematic projects. 

Do you think that Black Knight will play a major role in the upcoming films? Please share your opinion in the comment section and tell us about your theories. 

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