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Who Owns Mewe [Nov 2020] Mark Weinstein Owns Mewe!

Who Owns Mewe [Nov 2020] Mark Weinstein Owns Mewe! >> The write-up shares comprehensive details about the owner of MeWe and its unique features.  

The popular social media platform, MeWe, is growing its user base to stay ahead in the competition with its counterparts. Facebook is the social media platform that had a rough go of it past few years with lots of controversies, scandals, and censored contents, giving ways to other alternatives like MeWe to excel and grow. But, Who Owns Mewe is the question that many users want answers for. 

MeWe is emerging as the fastest growing social media channel and the best alternative to social media giant Facebook. MeWe App is now available for download on iOS, Android, and desktop PC. 

The social media platform was launched in May 2012, and over the years, the platform has undergone several internal updates and changes. The developers focus on redirecting the branding efforts and promise to offer a highly safe and secure platform for socializing. Let us find out why users in the United States and Australia are switching to MeWe for socializing.    

Who is the CEO of MeWe?

The CEO of the MeWe App is Mark Weinstein. So, Mark Weinstein is the answer to your question, Who Owns Mewe. Mark is one of the leading privacy advocates and the early inventor of social media.  

MeWe is a popular social networking service based in the United States. The service term includes the commitment to the users for their privacy and control. The application is positioning itself as the next generation social media platform, with over 5 million users from Australia and America.

The social media platform, MeWe, is known for its unique features and amazing privacy controls. The social media platform handles the user’s data with rules like:

  • Users own their personal information and content 
  • The platform has no right to using the user’s data
  • The application doesn’t manipulate filters or changes the order of news feeds
  • Users are allowed to change the order or add filters to their content 

Why Users praise MeWe?

After you know Who Owns Mewe, it is time to know what users like about the social media platform. According to the reviews online, MeWe has some great privacy features that make MeWe stand apart from its competitors. 

  • It is advertised as the privacy-first social media platform. It doesn’t collect any user’s data or personal information.
  • There are no ads in between the posts to frustrate the users. 
  • Chatting, content sharing, video calls, group calls, and more are common features.
  • With optional features like cost money and extra storage space, the CEO ensures full control over the content.   


Well, there is no sign of haemorrhaging the social media giant, Facebook, any time soon. Small social media platforms, like MeWe, are taking advantage of the pressure and controversies Facebook is currently experiencing. 

Based on the recent trend, there is a higher chance for MeWe App to grow the user’s base and become the next social media giant soon. Hopefully, your answer to the question, Who Owns Mewe, is solved along with other queries you might have for the social media platform.     

If there is something to add about MeWe, please write it down in the comments section.

0 thoughts on “Who Owns Mewe [Nov 2020] Mark Weinstein Owns Mewe!

  1. If it’s got so many users in Australia then I know for sure it is part of the CCP. So there is a connection to China.

  2. Weinstein is a Liberatarian, if that helps.
    I’m going to MimWin. Easy to navigate of all the alternatives to FB.

  3. I tried to set up a MeWe account on my cellphone, but MeWe grabbed an email account that I rarely use. MeWe offers detailed instructions on how to delete my account–so I can establish a new one–but insists on the use of factors that do not exist, e.g., a profile photo. WHAT THE FUCK?

  4. You can get some of the best explicit pornography on MeWe and MeWe fully approves of posting porn in OPEN forums and specially in chat areas, so ALL children can view it. Don’t believe me go to Fox News Opinions (Political) forum and get a invite from ANYONE and see for your self. Tell em Mark Weinstein sent ya…

  5. I have heard that the owner is a Democrat. Is that true?
    I would also be interested in the answer to Donimic Leech’s question.

  6. I was just getting into MeWe, learning how to use it and making a few friends when my account vanished. No explanation, no warning, no reason, it was just gone. I can’t open a new account, and MeWe has no customer service of any kind. You can’t talk to anyone, you can’t ask what happen, or why. Nothing. They are 100% insulated from anyone using the site. I have no choice but to go elsewhere. There is no way to communicate with them.

  7. Well, if MeWe doesn’t “Shadow-ban” its users, or subject them to being farily arbitrarily censored by algorithms and after not so deft consideration by third world citizens, I’d say that it can’t help to do well in the social media marketplace.

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