Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments {Aug} Know About It!

Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments {Aug} Know About It! >> This news story discusses the private shareholding organization founded in 2004 with an ambition to advance in profit-bearing sports.

Each layman has always been a subject of interest is “Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments.

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) is a private shareholding association based in Qatar which was started in the year 2005 to invest in several sports-related projects within Qatar that incur revenue and profits, and globally, especially in South Africa, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and the United States, becoming a recognized leading sports investment corporation.

An overview of Qatar Sports Investments (QSI)–

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) is a shareholding organization founded in the year 2005, having Doha, the capital of Qatar, as its state of domicile. The type of business QSI carries is another topic of interest other than Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments. Though QSI is a shareholding organization, it may act independently and collaborate with other investment partners. It can even act as a facilitator for regulating potential investments within the Middle East country, Qatar or internationally.  The monetary profits incurred from these endeavours are then put into Qatar’s sport, entertainment and leisure sectors. QSI is a subsidiary of the state-run sovereign-wealth fund and the Qatar Investment Authority in Qatar.

What did QSI achieve?

Let’s know about its achievements before running to the ultimate topic, Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments.

QSI was founded with the noble aim of investing in sports that generates profits. With time, it has become increasingly involved in international sports and indulged in the entertainment sector, especially as a key player in the French sports market. It completed the acquisition of Paris Saint-Germaine and got affiliated in the year 2012. It also includes leisure investments, event management, direct merchandising, Intellectual Property Rights related activities, Next Step Marketing that is specialized in client representations, and last but one among the foremost important- Burda. It is a Qatari Sports Brand established in 2007, a supplier of sports and leisure, and specializes in the customization and development of collections and technical designs. 

Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments?

Nasser Ghanim Al-Khelaifi who had served as the chairmanship in QSI since the year 2011. He is recognised for his investment in business projects and headship roles. At present he is the chairman of beIN Media Group in Qatar, chief executive officer and President of Paris Saint-Germaine France Football Club. He had been be a tennis player, so he had been selected as the president of QTF and vice president of ATF.


The QSI is none other than Adel Mohammed Tayyeb Mustafawi, who possesses different leadership positions in the Qatari banking industry. The answer to the question about Who Owns Qatar Sports Investments won’t be completed without mentioning the other three board members of QSI– Sophie Jordan, Yousif Mohammed Al-Obaidli and Mohammad Abdul-Aziz Al-Subaie. They were also members of the board of directors of beIN Media Group.

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