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Who Owns The Buffalo Bills {Nov} Know The Owner Details!

The following article on Who Owns the Buffalo Bills will give you complete knowledge about the owner and his life.

Football has been the most loved game in the world. People from different countries come to watch the live matches of this game. The game is most loved in the United States, Canada, and other parts of the country. Many teams play against each other in tournaments.

The Buffalo Bills are one of the most famous teams in Football. Do you know Who Owns the Buffalo Bills? In this article, we will discuss everything about this team, its achievements, and about the owner of this team. 

What is the Buffalo Bills?

It is an American football team which plays in the NFL, popularly known as the National Football League. It was established on 28 October 1959. The current logo of this team is the blue-colored buffalo that has a red beam passing through it from the middle. The Buffalo Bills’ jersey comprises white, red, navy, and royal blue color.

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Who Owns the Buffalo Bills?

Terrence Michael Pegula is the recent owner of this team. He is an American and also a billionaire businessman. He was born on 27 March 1951. Besides the Buffalo Bills, he also owns Buffalo Sabres, Rochester Americans, Pegula Sports, and Entertainment. He owns JKLM Energy.

He owns Buffalo Bills along with his wife, Kim Pegula. They bought the franchise of buffalo bills after the demise of Ralph Wilson, who was the original owner of Buffalo Bills. The team was set on sale after his death.

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Achievements of Buffalo Bills

The team won AFL Championships repeatedly in 1964-65. The team became the constant participants during the 1980s as well as in the 1990s. They won their first AFL Championships on 26 December 1964. They recently had their match and had an impressive win against the New York Jets. Their other achievement was recorded between 1990-93 in the Super Bowls, where they appeared in all the four consecutive games of Super Bowls. We cleared all the details in achievements, creation, and Who Owns the Buffalo Bills. More details on Buffalo Bills can be seen on this link.


Wrapping up this content, we shared the important details on the ownership, establishment, and achievements of the Buffalo Bills. We were impressed with their work, achievements, and hard work, and we hoped that readers would shower their immense love on this team as the team members had put a lot of effort into the game. They burnt the midnight oil to reach upto this level. 

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