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Who Was Mississippi Jones {Sep 2021} Get Game Updates!

This article provides the details of the treasure quest in the SSO game and details of James, Who Was Mississippi Jones and his family.

Star Stable Online had created Fort Pinta town with a storyline. In Fort Pinta, you can find a marketplace and an open place to sit and relax. As an adventure game, a treasure hunt is also included. Players in the United States want to know more about the Jones family to whom this treasure belongs. 

So, let us check the details of the history of Who Was Mississippi Jones.

The Treasure quest:

The treasure quest in the game will last for several days as you need to find several clues to find the treasure, and after finding the 9th clue, you need to wait for one day. James is another character in the game which is searching for this treasure.

 James was able to find all four pieces of the map. But, the map only gave clues about the treasure—James hands over the map to the player in the game. It would help if you found other hints for the treasure.  

Who Was Mississippi Jones?

Mississippi Jones was a famous treasure hunter who reached Jorvik and settled there with his family. He had hidden a treasure in Jorvik and made a map of it. He had two children—a son by the name of Washington Jones and a daughter, California Jones. Further, Jones had two more descendants, namely Hawaii Jones and Mrs Holdsworth.

Jones heirs were unable to decide on how to split the treasure. Hence, they tore the map into 4 pieces. Each heir kept one piece each. We hope you got an idea about Who Was Mississippi Jones.

James was able to find a clue related to California Jones. She was buried at a position from where Fort Pinta can be seen. Her grave is hidden in the bushes in the northeastern corner of Doyles Abbey. 

 James found that Washington Jones was a collector of unique items. After Washington Jones death, everything he had was left for Jorvik’s people. Hence the Councilman of Silverglade Village moved his collection to Firgrove, where they took an old mine on rent. 

But, during spring, there was a devastating flood. But, the map made by Who Was Mississippi Jones is not there in the old mine anymore. Councilman does not know what might have happened to the collection. James had a clue that one piece of the map was in an old mine. 

At the end of this treasure hunt, you will find a STATUE that is PRICELESS for the people of Jorvik. Hence, they decide to preserve it. But, you will be awarded by the councilmen for your efforts.


The 1st clue is in Fort Pinta. The 2nd, 6th and 7th clue is near Doyle’s Abbey. The 3rd clue is on the beach. The 4th clue of the map made by Who Was Mississippi Jones is at Firgrove bridge. The 5th clue is at Silverglade Village. The 8th clue is a monument in the Silverglade Castle. The 9th clue is in Avalon. 

Did you find Jones treasure? Let us know about your quest below.

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