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Why Are Fortnite Servers Not Responding? Are They Down? Check Their Current Status!

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Did you know that there are regular version upgrades to fortnite, an online game popular in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom? The last version upgrade was carried out on 18th-September-2022. During the upgrade, @FortniteStatus on Twitter informed us about the downtime.

The fortnite team informed that they would inform about the downtime end once the upgrade process is completed. Let’s check Why Are Fortnite Servers Not Responding.

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About downtime:

During the last update in September, the Fortnite team informed the players that downtime would begin 30-minutes before the upgrade. Similarly, this time the Fortnite team has informed the same.

Do not worry in case you face downtime today. It is because Fortnite is getting upgraded from version 22.00 to 22.10. The upgrade is scheduled to start on 4th-October-2022 at 04:00 ET (08:00 UTC). 

It must be noted that whenever an application or a gaming platform is upgraded, no user should be logged in or using its services. 

Are Fortnite Servers Down?

Yes, Fortnite servers are undergoing downtime. If any gamer uses the application or plays the game, his device won’t get updated. Such updates will be installed when the device is on and not in use.

Hence, Fortnite informed that the matchmaking would be disabled 30-minutes before a successful upgrade. So, we are looking at approximately 03:30 ET (07:30 UTC) for the system downtime to begin.

The exact time of ending downtime is not informed. But, some websites reported an anticipated 12-hours of downtime. It must be noted that whenever an app or gaming platform is updated, it may take time to resolve system and software conflict. 

Fortnite Servers Status will take little more time even after successful installation, because the version will take time to establish a live connection with the server, synchronize user data from the server, adapt to the new software environment, resolve device and server conflict, Etc.


Today, on Tuesday, 4th-October-2022, a version upgrade is getting carried out. However, it was informed lately on Twitter today at 2:37 AM. Several Fortnite players are unaware of it and tried to follow regular troubleshooting steps such as restarting the device, verifying wired and wireless networks, Etc. Please join the official Fortnite Twitter channel to check when downtime will end.

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