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Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves (August) Read!

Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves (August) Read! >> The article gives detailed information about the high and new risk factors introduced in the pandemic affecting globally.

Do you know which new risk factor is introduced in the pandemic? If not, you should be cautious about the virus. Please stick to the article we have brought for you. People are being affected globally. The virus has been covered United KingdomAustraliaUnited States, Canada, and more places.

Now, a new controversy relating to the pandemic is Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves? The risk factors are time-escalating rapidly and dangerously. To know about the risk factor and the affecting virus, we advise you to stay connected. 

About Corona Virus

The pandemic left all the people on the premises of their house only. The medical confirmed the coronavirus after the outbreak informed by China to World Health Organization on 31st December 2019.

Within, few months it has been evident that the virus is being spread rapidly. The risk factors are numerable and different; now, people are curious and looking for their answers to Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves

If you are also concerned about the same, we have answers for you. The virus was declared a pandemic by WHO after it started affecting people globally. The disease spread by the virus is termed COVID-19, and the virus as SARS-CoV-2.

How Does It Affect the Patient?

The virus is highly contagious, and the reports say it is a zoonotic diseaseThe patients are being affected by the respiratory system directly. It can be transmitted quickly if you come in contact with the infected person.

It has symptoms like coughing, headache, tastelessness, and acute symptoms can be breathlessness.

Reason Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves

The reason is Cytokine Storm, which the severe risk factor is caused by the COVID-19. Doctors have observed that the patients after recovery from the virus are suffering from this. In this case, after feeling well for a short time, the patient’s immune system is reacting adversely & starts affecting the organs.

This is creating a high risk of organ inflammation. The virus has done damage to the immune system, causing a deranged response to the infection.

What is Cytokine Storm?

One of the risks factors is introduced after the recovery of the patient. Cytokine storm is the reason Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves. The adverse response from the immune system is termed as Cytokine storm.

Covid-19 has relation to cytokine storm  and this risk factor has startled the researching teams after this pivotal discovery. It is evident now that the virus is making weapons to attack the tissues causing autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis. This is observed after the recovery of the virus.


In the final verdict of the article, we would like to advise you about the pandemic stringently. Make sure to stay aware of it. The report says the reason Why Are Our Bodies Attacking Themselves is a Cytokine storm. Did you know about this new risk factor introduced? Comment Below – 

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