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Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself (Sep) Read Details!

If you are also a fan of Avicii and want to know Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself, read this article to know everything about Tom and his recent updates.

Do you know Avicii was among the highest-paid DJs in the world? Then, what happened that he had to take such a shocking step? Are you also a fan of Avicii and want to know about this unfortunate event? If yes, then we have everything you might need to know about Tim.

The news of his demise spread like fire and affected everyone. Everyone has the same question in their mind Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself, be it to the people of India or the United States. Keep reading!

The reason behind His Nickname

Tom Bergling adopted Avicii as his stage name. Are you wondering what does it mean? Don’t worry, here is the meaning for you. The term Avicii is adopted from Buddhist culture, and the extra I is because Tom said someone from MySpace had used it already.

The meaning of his stage name is the realm of hell or the lowest level hell. It also means “without waves” in Sanskrit. Multiple people are still in shock and want to know Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself. If you want to know the same, stick with our article.

About Tom’s Career

He started remixing at the age of 16. His first recording deal happened because he used to post his remixes on electronic music forums. His single album “Levels” led him to fame in 2011. And, the debuted song by him in 2013, “Wake Me Up,” ranked number 4 in the highest in the music markets.

And he became the third highest-paid DJs by 2014; he collaborated with his favorite Coldplay. Then, what happened? Read here to know the answer.

 Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself?

Once, he was even hospitalized for more than a week because of pancreatitis. The reason for it was heavy drinking. It also led him to gall bladder removal. And, everyone around him knew that he was in utmost pain.

The reason behind his suicide is estimated as distressed mental health. He even filmed a documentary talking about his sufferings from anxiety, addiction, and depression, but he was trying to get over it.

Newest Update About Him

Tim Bergling was born on 08th September 1989. They also posted about him, and it also had reasons Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself. Yesterday, Google paid tribute to Tim Bergling on his 32nd birthday . 

Google even paid tribute to Tom by an 80-second video of him with his “Wake Me Up” hit. It also stated his death on 20th April 2018 led to mental health awareness.


In the last part, we would also like to inform you that his demise led to a Tim Bergling Foundation. The foundation’s work is to remove the stigma related to suicide and awareness for mental health issues. Disturbed mental health is the only reason and answer Why Did Tim Bergling Kill Himself. Which is your favorite song of Tom? Share it with us

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