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Why Is Better Call Saul Black and White {August} Read!

This post will provide more information about Why Is Better Call Saul Black and White and series related details.

Have you seen the series of Better Call Saul? Why are most of the episodes airing in black and white? What does the director want to represent? Audiences, popularly of Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, United States, are searching for the reason. In this article, we will discuss the circumstances of Why Is Better Call Saul Black and White.

Why BCS black and white is airing the most?

Better Call Saul is an American series, and its a prequel or random sequel to the Breaking Bad series. Although Better Call Saul started airing on 2015, the program has continuously presented within black and white scenes. The first episodes every season, excluding season 6, showcases the same black and white theme to throw light on Gene Takavic, aka Jimmy McGill in later Breaking Bad, disclosing a tiny piece of information about the new entity in Omaha, Nebraska. So the fans have many queries about why such scenes are showcased in black and white.

Why Is Better Call Saul in Black and White

The first episode grabs the fans regarding the location concerned about Jimmy McGill, known as Saul Goodman, leading his new life in Omaha, Nebraska. The very first scene is featured in black and white. It shows about growing life of Gene Takavic, leading his monotonous life as a lawyer in the criminal world. Episode 10 of season 6 is wholly seen in black and white from the viewpoint of how Gene Takavic solved the issues in his ways, later realized at the moment Saul Goodman by a hawk-eyed cab driver.

Public perspective on Why Is Better Call Saul Black and White.

People are still trying to figure out the scenes of Saul Goodman leading a new life as manager in the Cinnabon store. Jimmy found his new life depressing, lonely, and tedious. The first scene of Better Call Saul shows that Gene is operating a videotape which shows previous Saul Goodman TV commercials are portrayed in black and white, while the ads are displayed in colors. He founds his life as Jimmy to be alive and energetic, whereas his existence as Gene reminds him of dull or exhausted life.

Well, this is crucial for the viewers to understand the situation. People are willing to know more about Why Is Better Call Saul Black and White, how the scene is portrayed, and how the creator leaves a mixed impression.


The Better Call Saul airing from 2015 is far ahead and catches the viewer’s eyes. It uses black and white scenes to show the present Saul Goodman post of Breaking Bad where Saul is hiding in a store. Visually represented as empty and dull life. Gene’s confession to the security guard highlights his feelings as a lonely person. If you want some more information, then please click the link below:

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