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Why Is Governor Greg Abbott In A Wheelchair {Aug} Read!

Why Is Governor Greg Abbott In A Wheelchair {Aug} Read! >> This article provides information about why one of the Governors is paralyzed and why he needs to use support for commuting.

Did you come across a political saying about “having a spine of steel” in the United States and Canada? Do you know who is referred by this quote? 

This article brings you all the facts about the incident, which left Greg Abbott, a Governor of Texas in the wheelchair for the rest of his life. We will learn here Why Is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair and also about the successful life of Greg Abbott even after many challenges. So, stay tuned with us for full detail.

Who is Greg Abbott?

Greg Abbot is currently the 48th Governor of Texas, serving since 2015 and got reelected in 2018. Greg Abbot is in the Republican Party. From 2002 to 2015, he served as 50th attorney general of Texas. He was reelected in 2006 and 2010. In 1995, Greg Abbot was appointed as a justice of the Texas Supreme Court by George W. Bush. 

Let us check Why Is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair:

  • When he was about 26 years old, on the 14th of July 1984, he was on his routine of jogging in the morning.
  • It was a stormy day. Due to this, an Oak tree suddenly fell on Greg Abbott.
  • Greg Abbott says he remembers the cracking sound and then the sudden and unbearable pain.
  • He was rushed to the hospital.
  • The doctors reported that he had broken ribs, damage to vital organs, and bones of his vertebrae were crushed into his spinal cord. This may have given you basic idea of Why Is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair
  • As bones of his vertebrae and spinal cord were damaged, it would not be possible for the lower part of the spinal cord to bear the weight of the upper part of the body.
  • The doctors had to implant two steel rods in his spine, remaining there for a lifetime. 
  • Greg Abbott underwent rehabilitation at TIRR Memorial Hermann
  • He filed a law-suite against the house owner and the tree service company
  • It resulted in an insurance settlement according to which Greg Abbott will receive a lump sum payment every three years till 2022 and monthly payment for a lifetime. Are you wondering if there is a treatment for this and Why Is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair till now?
  • Both the lump sum payment and monthly payments are adjusted according to inflation in the cost of living.
  • Greg Abbott says that he paid medical expenses and other costs for three decades with the help of the monthly settlement amount he used to receive.
  • Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure (or) a full recovery procedure invented for this till now.
  • Since the accident, Greg Abbott had to use a wheelchair.


In an interview, Greg Abbott said that he had learned perseverance due to this accident. His successful life is an example of how he continued his journey despite difficulties and people wondering Why Is Governor Greg Abbott in a Wheelchair? Greg Abbott says that life is not defined by the challenges one faces. But, by responding to the challenges, we define our lives. His life is an inspiration and motivation to people who hold back sighting difficulties. 

Did the lesson about perseverance also inspire you? Let us know by commenting below.

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