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Why Is Turkana Boy Important (August) Get Information!

Why Is Turkana Boy Important (August) Get Information! >> The article has detailed knowledge about the incredible discovery of the first human race and proofs the existence.

Are you curious about the famous Doodle on the internet? People from all over the world, like South AfricaNigeriaRomaniaUnited StatesAustralia, etc.are curious to know the answers to it.

Don’t worry if you are clueless about the Turkana Boy. We have everything important for you to know about him, and Why Is Turkana Boy ImportantPlease stick to the article and keep reading it till the end to know this great reason for Doodle on search engines. 

Table of Contents

Who Is Turkana Boy?

Nariokotome Boy, is the turkana boy. The fossil KNM-WT 15000 has been named the Turkana boy and Nariokotomeboy. The Turkana boy was from the Homo erectus specie, most commonly known as the Homo ergaster.

The skeleton was almost complete and lived 1.6 million years ago. The Turkana boy was discovered by Kamoya Kimeu in 1984. It was found near Lake Turkana on the bank of the Nariokotime River. So then, Why Is Turkana Boy Important and the famous search engine used it as their Doodle. To know the answer to this question, you must stick to the end of the article.

What Is Homo Erectus?

The extinct species have been detected to be lived before 2 million years ago from the Pleistocene. The archaic human, the meaning of Homo erectus, is the upright man. It was the first human ancestor which spread in Eurasia.

According to the research, Homo erectus had a human-like body and manner of walking. In addition, it was the first race of humans with flat-faced features.

Why Is Turkana Boy Important?

A well-famed search engine celebrated the discovery of Turkana boy on 1st August 2021 as the discovery was remarkable and had the connection of ancestral existence from million years before. The death age of the Turkana boy was very young, estimated from seven to eleven years only.

According to a study of his pelvis shape, the skeleton was recognized as a male’s skeleton. The age estimation of the boy has done by Alan Walker and Richard Leakey in 1993. It was also found that Turkana Boy has suffered from disease; this constitutes the reason Why Is Turkana Boy Important

Which Disease Turkana Boy Had?

The studies suggest that an infection might be the reason for his death, the results are yet uncertain on it. The studies on the Turkana Boy have answered that Turkana boy has a congenital disorder. It is a birth deformity defect that could be either scoliosis or dwarfism. 


In the final verdict of the article, we hope your questions are answered. The skeleton discovered has always been the important discovery from all times. After it has been seen as a doodle celebrating it. Get more details here on Turkana Boy 

People were very curious about Why Is Turkana Boy Important? Have you seen the doodle of the skeleton as Doodle? Let us know in the comment section. 

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