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Wiki Battle Of Techno House {Mar} Know Why Its Viral?

This article describes the viral video of a Russian soldier’s failed attempt to break into a Ukrainian Store. Read more about the Wiki Battle of Techno House.

Are you interested to know more details about the video of a Russian soldier trying to break into a store door? If yes, read this article that elaborates all the relevant details associated with this topic.

Online social media users Worldwideare discussing a viral video regarding a failed store break-in attempt by a Russian soldier in Ukraine. As the Russian invasion is one of the most discussed topics, the video got widespread within a short period. Read on the Wiki Battle of Techno House.

About Battle of Techno house

Several times, a video of a Russian soldier shooting at a store’s door got recently shared on various social media platforms. The video got popular after YWN reporter Moshe Schwartz posted a tweet with the video mentioning “Russian soldier vs. Door”.

“Russian soldier vs. Door” tweet got instant popularity and viewed more than 1.9 million users. In addition to that, the tweet also received 40K plus likes, 10.3 K retweets and 2,297 quote tweets within a day. The Twitter post later got trending in other social media platforms also. Learn about the Battle of Techno House Ukraine.

Viral Tweet Behind Battle of Techno house

  • Yeshiva World News reporter Moshe Schwartz’s tweet gained popularity after posting the tweet with a video on 2nd March 2022.
  • The location of the video was mentioned as Kherson, Ukraine.
  • The video is shot from a mobile phone by a person residing in the opposite building of the Techno House, where the incident took place.
  • The video had a short length of 64 seconds.
  • Moshe Schwartz later tweeted the exact location of the Techno House.
  • The information associated with the person who took the video is not mentioned yet.

Wiki Battle of Techno House

  • The video shows several attempts made by Russian soldiers to break the door of the Techno House.
  • At first, the soldier fires at the door handle several times, and when he fails at it, he tries to break the glass, which also ends up as a failure.
  • After several attempts with his hands and gun, he leaves the place with frustration and disappointment. 
  • Someone created a Wikipedia page on this video which got taken down later.
  • The Wikipedia page mentioned the funny battle between the door and Russian soldier.

People’s Reaction 

  • The Wiki Battle of Techno House was shared as various memes and funny trolls.
  • Several people on various popular social media platforms commented about the door’s victory over the soldier.
  • The door’s strength got appraisal as it withstands even from the gun’s attack.
  • Several funny videos got posted with different background music.


The Russian invasion of Ukrainian soil and its related activities are actively discussed and debated online. Videos associated with Russian setbacks and failures are celebrated on social media. To know more on this topic, kindly have a look into.

Have you read Wiki Battle of Techno House? If so, kindly comment on it.

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