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Wiki Shinzo Abe {July} Explore His Life, Recent Incident

This article is about Wiki Shinzo Abe and his assassination. Read more on this topic below for complete information.

Do you want to know about Shinzo Abe? Are you interested to know what happened to him? If so, read the article till the end.

People Worldwide are eager to know about the death of Shinzo Abe, a popular politician in Japan.

If you also want to know more about him, you will find all information regarding Wiki Shinzo Abe in this article.

Shinzo Abe Assassination

According to the online source, the former Prime Minister of Japan had been assassinated by shooting while at a campaign rally. The police had already arrested the attacker and taken them to custody. Since Japan is considered one of the safest nations in the world, the incident has shocked people Worldwide. Although the nation has the strictest gun control law, the incident could not have been prevented. According to the online source, the police state that Tetsuya Yamagami, who is 41 years old, fired two shots at Abe while giving a political speech. Shinzo Abe News spread across the world just after the shot.

Who Was Shinzo Abe?

Shinzo Abe was born on 21 September 1954 in a political family. He was a popular politician in Japan who served the nation as the Prime Minister and the President. He served the longest term as the Prime Minister in the history of Japan. He was also appointed as the Chief Cabinet Secretary by Junichiro Koizumi from 2005 to 2006. In the 1993 election, Abe was also elected for the House of Representatives. He served as Chief Cabinet Secretary before becoming the Prime Minister and the President of the Liberal Democratic Party.

Wiki Shinzo Abe

As per Wikipedia, Abe was shot in Nara by a former member of the Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force (JMSDF). It has been reported that a homemade firearm resembles a double-barreled shotgun. At the time of the shooting, Abe was giving a speech near the north of Yamato-Saidaiji in favor of LDP party member named Kei Sato who was nominated for the House of Councilors Election.

As per the inquiries of the police, Yamagami shot Abe because he was associated with a group hated by Yamagami. The current Japanese Prime Minister expressed that it is a barbaric act. The news about Wiki Shinzo Abe has left everyone shocked and sad due to such an unexpected incident. The news has shaken the whole world as Abe was a Political leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world.

Note: All the above information has been collected from the online source. There is no intention to blame anyone.


Abe contributed to the nation to a great extent. There will hardly be anyone who has been able to contribute to the development of Japan, like Abe. His unexpected death surprised everyone, and everyone will remember his contribution to the nation. The news of Wiki Shinzo Abe is really unfortunate. To know more, please visit the link here.

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