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Winged Insignia Sword {March 2022} Where You Can Find It?

This news article shares details about the Winged Insignia Sword and how you can achieve it in the Elden Ring game.

Elden Ring is becoming famous worldwide for its comprehensive map and accessories that the players have to acquire while playing the game. Are you one of those people who want to know more about this game and its accessories? 

Winged Sword is one of the essential accessories in the game, and therefore you must be aware of this sword and how you can acquire and use it to have the edge over other players. So, let’s begin our discussion about the Winged Insignia Sword in this article. 

Where can you find the Winged Sword? 

The Winged Sword is available in the depth of the Still-water Cave of Liurnia lakes. You can get there while travelling from the northwest region of Stormveil Castle. If you are playing the Elden Ring game, you can reach this sword either by foot or horseback. 

While travelling from this castle, you will reach the castle’s cliffs, where you can find the Still Water Cave. You have to step down carefully to this cave to achieve their Rotten Winged Insignia Sword

While traversing through this cave, you can find some hazards and enemies. They might use poison on you, but you can mitigate its impacts through some appropriate methods. Furthermore, you have to reach the end of the cave, where you will find the boss of precision and speed, the Clean Rot Knight. 

You have to defeat this knight; you will receive the Winged Sword Insignia as a reward which will be dropped from this knight while defeating it. But you must take care that defeating this might is not easy and you have to win it in all the conditions.

How will Rotten Winged Insignia Sword help you in the game? 

The sword will help you in raising your power in the game. It will help you in increasing your power of successive attacks. The consecutive attacks will be more potent than the previous ones and have more dangerous wounds. 

It is suitable for those players who want to have the strength and substantial impact on their enemies rather than having mild consequences. Thus, Winged Swords help players to have rapid attacks and win over their enemies in the game. 

Essential points of Winged Insignia Sword

People worldwide are searching for the usage of this sword. Winged swords have multiple tiers of attack, which increases your power. But, if you do not attack consequently, the tiers reduce to lower levels. The sword’s effect increases or comes into effect after 3 consecutive attacks. 

There are ranges of power like the First-tier of Winged Sword, which have 3% power in attack, the second has 8% power, the third with 10% power and the fourth one has 14% power. In addition to this, you can learn more about it at this link. .


Winged Insignia Sword is an important weapon that will help you increase your power in the game. It helps in substantially impacting your attacks while attacking consecutively on the enemy. 

You can find it in the Still Water caves and grab the opportunity of attacking the enemy. Which accessory is your favourite accessory? You can share it in the comment section below. 

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