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Winkystarrr Reviews [May] – Is This Site Fooling You?

Winkystarrr Reviews [May] – Is This Site Fooling You? -> This article will tell you if you should make purchases from this new site

Have you been searching for an online store that sells a variety of clothing products? Then you must check out Winkystarrr

Venturing out to purchase clothing and footwear can be a daunting task. It is where online stores come into play and provide refuge to those of us who are too busy to visit local stores. Most of these items are available at unbelievable prices that make online shopping worthwhile. 

Winkystarrr Reviews will provide you with an insight into a sight that sells some innovative products to its customers. Apart from that, also telling you essential details that every customer searches for. 

If you are running low on beauty supplies or need electric brush cleaners, scrubbers, or spinners, then this site could save you. 

The site is currently selling in the United Kingdom and garnering some rave reviews amongst the people. 

But before you head out to place an order from the site, read this post carefully to find out Is Winky Starrr Legitor is it just scamming people? 

Is Winkystarrr legit? 

The e-commerce market is a growing market. The future will see almost 50% of retail transactions taking place online. While this provides customers with options, it also provides a ground for potential scamming by companies/people. Thus, this post will try to create awareness regarding it to ensure you are not duped. 

Winkystarrr’s creation date tells us that it set up recently. They provide an email id along with a message box so that customers can leave their contact information along with the query. You must read the full review to get the thorough analysis of Winkystarrr.com

What is Winkystarrr? 

Winkystarrr is an online store that sells women’s clothing, shoes, Winky Starr Bra, and accessories as well as some housewares, pet supplies, kid’s toys, and supplies, etc. The list of products available is long and ensures there is something for everybody. They do not restrict themselves to one category. 

The company has no middleman in its procurement process, unlike other sellers, and has set up warehouses to meet growing demands. 

It has helped them reduce costs and hence provide you with quality products that are inexpensive and fit the budget. 

What is so unique about Winkystarrr? 

The website’s star product is the Winky Starr BraThis bra is a wireless lace bra that will give you the lift just like the regular bra. What makes the bra so great? Apart from providing support, it helps improve posture and provides the ultimate comfort. 

Also, each product is complete with necessary details such as images, size, and proportions, how to use it, and where all it can be used. Most websites miss out on such information and leave customers confused regarding the details. 

Specifications of Winkystarrr

  • Products: Gadgets, fashion wears, tools and homewares
  • Email- support@advisoryservice.vip
  • Shipping/processing time: 3 business days 
  • Delivery time: will depend on the country, weather, and areas
  • Shipping fee- not mentioned
  • Return- 10 days from the date of receiving the package 
  • Refunds: 3-5 business days 
  • Mode of payment: online payments using cards and other modes 

Pros of buying from Winkystarrr

  • A large variety of products to choose from 
  • Provides methods to make secure online payments 
  • The products offered are affordable
  • The shipping and refund details are clear and concise 
  • Provides worldwide delivery 

Cons of buying from Winkystarrr

  • No address is provided; this may make returns difficult. 
  • Contact details are incomplete; no phone number provided. 
  • Shipping costs need to pay when making returns. 
  • Its products are like those available on Amazon and other sites. 
  • Unbelievable discounts offered  
  • Lacks clear segregation of products 

Customer feedback of Winkystarrr

Winkystarrr reviews will tell you that people loved the products they ordered and the quick delivery. Most seem to recommend the seller and the product they purchased. The orthopedic sandals are available on the site rave about a lot in the comments. 

However, the site fails to provide transparency in areas such as contact details and the address. It turned a lot of people away from making purchases as it diminishes the customer’s trust. A lot of customers talk about not being happy with their purchases. 

Final Verdict 

It is essential to notice that the site has a recent creation date address, usually makes the site unreliable. It lacks transparency in certain areas but covers that up by giving you detailed information in its shipping and refunds section.

To conclude, the site seems to be legit. Share your feedback with us in the comments below. 

0 thoughts on “Winkystarrr Reviews [May] – Is This Site Fooling You?


    1. Just received bra ordered six weeks ago. Not for for use very poor quality and dies not even fasten !! Complete waste of money. No contact for refund !!!!

    2. One big con., DO NOT BUY FROM THEM Waited and still waiting since march for sandals. When I finaly tracked them they had been delivery to an address in California. I live in United Kingdom. I e-mail every day asking for a re-fund and all I get is them quoting delay in delivery because of Covid. I am going to report them to trading standards. We cant all be wrong can we.

  2. I’ve been waiting for my purchase for over a month now ,I will never by from these again ,the tracking number is useless as it says my parcel hasn’t moved anywhere since they so called posted it .
    I am trying to get a refund but it looks like they don’t want to give it to me but luckily I paid through PayPal so they are chasing for the money.

  3. An absolute shambles of a Company,bordering on the fraudulent. I ordered goods from them on 14th April this year and they debited my credit card on the same day. Since then I have received nothing despite many E mails to their so called advisory service. I get replies from China saying the goods are on their way,they refer me to a tracking site which does not work and they constantly refuse to refund my Credit Card. My purchase was made after seeing an advert of Facebook and I am writing to them suggesting that they refuse to accept any further adverts from the Company who in my opinion are little more than Con Artists.

  4. I ordered sandals over 2 months ago and they’ve still not arrived. I contacted someone who left a positive review asking how long their item took to come and winky starrr replied!
    I think they’re just thieves

    1. Shocking to say the least. Waited 3 months for sandals to arrive that are nothing like the picture. Extremely poor quality and look hideous. Looks like a 5 year made them. Have demanded a refund but i doubt ill get it. Stay clear from buying this tat.

  5. Ordered a bra on the 2nd of May it’s been in transit for 34 days been in last place since29th may

  6. Dreadful site, shoddy quality goods, have to return goods at own cost to China for refund. Never will use again.

  7. I ordered bras in April, still waiting keep telling me theyre in Transit! I could have walked it by now! Think Ive been scammed!!!

    1. I waited forever dor my bra..eeceived today and wish j hadnt bothered the fit is awful and doesng do what it is supposed.. and obv to much hassle to send back!!!!

  8. I agree with Diane Smith. I believe I have been conned by Winkiestarr as i have tried e-mailing the address they gave me & it is false according to Google. . I wasnt happy when they said was 2 months for delivery when other companys selling same sandals were posting off orders within the usual 7-10 days supposedly. We cant be the only people the advert was showing for days then suddenly disappeared. I tried then to contact them but useless. So if it is legit someone who investigated please give me the TRUE e-mail address. It was the orthapedic sandals. About 4 companies were selling them. Strange all have disappeared no adverts since. Were they all the same Company, makes you wonder.

    1. I ordered a bra May 4th and still to date I have not received my order. I done a dispute through PayPal . Through PayPal I got a email address which is different to the support @advisoryservice.vip which I contacted today. I told them I had gone through Hermes tracking service to find out where my order was and they were still waiting to receive my order from the sender. After my email to the new email address through PayPal, I finally had a email to say they have my order and will email a delivery date. Never again would I order from this company .

  9. Totally agree with all the above,now two months since my order was placed and no sign of either goods or refund. Should be shut down without delay,total con artists

  10. I to ordered bras at beginning of may tracking no no good have complained once and they assured me they were in transit at end of may still no sign am going to take it up with credit card company to get a refun.

  11. Ordered over a month ago. Get emails weekly saying my order has dispatched with tracking number but the tracking number doesn’t work and theres no contact details to find out where the order is. Waste of money. Should’ve known it was too good to be true with a good deal.

  12. This company is not legitimate they take your money and tell you your order has been shipped . Then they send you a tracking number which stops once the elusive parcel has left China after that they say it’s on route to Hermes which is where it stays for about 6 weeks. Then you get the usual email saying you are to be patient this company needs shutting down I’ve been through Spotify which set up their site fruitless I’ve complained to Facebook every week no response either I’ve been in touch with my bank they are saying the payment went through Hong Kong then that’s it you can’t go any further they have charged me for 2 bra’s at a cost of £18.00 each

  13. I have been waiting 5 weeks for the delivery of a bra after seeing an advert on facebook. I have emailed them only to be told that there is a delay because of the coronavirus and that was almost 3 weeks ago, I haven’t heard from them since. I don’t think they are a legitimate company. I would advise not to use, I am going to try and get my money refunded as I paid via paypal.

  14. I purchased sandals from this company when they arrived they were the wrong size. They asked for evidence which I sent but they want me to send them back to China with no guarantees of receiving my money back. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS COMPANY Total rubbish

  15. My bra arrived yesterday. I purchased it on the 5th May. So it took 43 days to arrive. The bra is very comfortable and I probably would have bought more but the delivery service is a joke. The parcel tracking showed that my parcel had almost done a world tour to get here. Would be good if their customer service was better and they found a quicker way to deliver goods.

    1. I purchased 3 bras which took weeks to arrive. When they arrived they were complete rubbish. I have sent 5 emails to them requesting a returns label but no one reply’s. I have tried to claim my money back from PayPal but even that’s proving to be very difficult. It’s disgusting that this site is allowed to remain advertising and taking peoples money under false pretences. Shame on Facebook and PayPal. Can anyone help?

  16. Ordered bras early April and received today nothing like described so very disappointed. Goods came via train across Siberia, Poland etc. Poor quality goods and very long wait for delivery which is advertised as 7-10 days and implied the goods are in the U.K. Do not use this company. Heed all the warnings! Scam artists selling rubbish items!!

  17. Ordered and paid for 4 bras and only 2 were delivered and they took 30 days to arrive . Terrible Company .

  18. Still waiting for 4 bra’s from April. I think it must be scam. Hoping my bank will refund £40.

    1. Bras arrived today 29th June, after waiting for 40 days, Been chasing this mob for ages by email, had at least 7 different tracking numbers, and when you read the replies it’s like a child has written them. I paid £47.99, bras were £39.99 but you don’t know until it is too late they charge you £8 for shipping. Not happy at all with the quality, boobs hanging out the side and the crossover part does not crossover properly, its as if it is too short and there is not enough material. I don’t know what to do, whether I should contact paypal or just put it down to lesson learnt.

    2. Finally had my order but not suitable. Does anyone know how and where to send them back for refund please.

  19. Total tat sorry I ever ordered from them sandals looked gorgeous in picture definately mot the same as arrived about 6 weeks later. Want me to return to China & pay postage don’t think so lesson well n truly learned 🤬

  20. The same as most comments here, I ordered the bras, £47.99, waited 3 months for them to finally arrive after many emails telling the company the tracking didn’t work etc. They are the shoddiest quality I have ever seen and the size is not accurate either. I have now sent 4 or 5 emails requesting return address and full refund, after many attempts to put me off and some funny offers of £3 and then £8 compensation ?!?…I have a returns address and have found the cheapest return is around £10-11….However attempting to enter the returns address into the courier site is where another set of problems begin!… For anyone wanting the address provided by Winkystarr here it is:-

    support@advisoryservice.vip via freshdesk.com

    11:19 AM (4 hours ago)

    to me
    We’re sorry for that. As we checked your troubles, we sincerely want to help you.
    Our return address is:
    Building 2, Jiasheng Technology Park, No. 422 Yanglang Road, Dalingshan Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province

    We promise that you will get your full refund.
    Just offer us valid information of your returned package:
    1.Tracking Number(By screenshot or picture)
    2.A picture of your Returned Package(which showed return address)
    Once you meet the above conditions and we checked it, we will refund you immediately.
    Please notice that we can not cover your shipping fee of returns from now.
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
    Have a nice day!

  21. Avoid Avoid Avoid,
    Spent £39.99 Bra sizing a complete fiction for fuller figures. Goods faulty.
    They offered 3$ refund then 7$ and 10$ finally their maximum refund of 50% (£20).
    Weeks later still awaiting the money

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