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Word Hurdle Game (March 2022) What Is Today’s Answer?

This article, Word Hurdle Game, will assist you in understanding the changes in the world hurdle and answer today’s puzzle.

Are you aware that Hurdle Game has undergone significant changes? If not, read this article to learn everything you need to know.

Wordle is a well-known game Worldwide. We also know that it has a copy called Hurdle game, also known as Wordle2. The hurdle game has grown in popularity in the same way that the wordle game has. They have already admitted that the wordle game inspired them. However, Hurdle Games has made significant changes to distinguish it from Wordle.

To learn about the changes made to the Hurdle Game, read Word Hurdle Game.

What Are The Changes Made To The Hurdle Game?

They changed the name of the game Wordle2 to Word Hurdle. Because the New York Times published the original Wordle game, they are now chasing all copied versions with the word “Wordle” in their name.

They also changed the URL of the official Word Hurdle website. Aside from the name, nothing has changed in the game. If you visit the old website, it will redirect you to the new one. The game’s old statistics have been reset. As a result, you must begin at the beginning.

Today’s Word Hurdle Answer 

In wordle, you get a puzzle every 24 hours, whereas, in Word Hurdle, you get a mystery every 12 hours, one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

“DINNER” is the answer to the 25/03/2022 puzzle.

  • Clue No 1: a word was beginning with D.
  • Clue No 2: The letter NN appears in the middle of the word.
  • Clue No 3: The word R comes at the end.
  • Clue No 4: The word contains two vowels.
  • Clue No 5: The description of today’s Word Hurdle is the day’s main meal.

How to Play Word Hurdle Game?

To play this Hurdle game online, you do not need an account; all you need is a PC or a smartphone. Here are the instructions for playing the Hurdle Game:

  • Go to the Wordle Hurdle game’s official website, www.wordhurdle.in.
  • You now have a six-letter puzzle on your screen, and you have six chances to solve it.
  • In six Chances, you must correctly guess the Word Hurdle.
  • Every guess has to be a valid six-letter word. To submit, press submit
  • After each selection or guess, the color of the tiles transforms to signify how close your guess was for the word.

If your guess were correct, it would display your “Word Hurdle Answer.

The Final Thoughts

The Word Hurdle has changed as the New York Times pursues those with the wordle in their name to protect their reputation. However, Word Hurdle differs from wordle in some ways. You can play this game up to 12 hours per day, in the morning and afternoon.

Please leave them in the Word Hurdle Game comments section if you have any questions.

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