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Wordle Fetus or Shine {May} Grab Answer For Confusion!

This article clarifies the situation of Wordle Fetus or Shine and tells the reader about the reasons behind the step taken by the creators. Check it out.

Did you look at the news where the New York times apologizes on the news for removing the answer of the Wordle? Do you want to know the reason behind the answer change in the wordle game? The wordle game hits an obstacle Worldwide because of the answer.

This article will tell you the full story behind the Wordle Fetus or Shine controversy and tell you the exact answer to Monday’s wordle answer. So, stick to the article till the end. 

Why the answer of wordle change from Fetus to shine?

On Monday, 09th May 2022, people get frustrated with the wordle game as there are 2 different answers to the same game. It never happened before, and that’s why the users are not relaxing over this matter. People on the last attempt tried the answer that they got from the tweet but proved to be wrong.

The answers are both Fetus and Shine, but the right answer depends on the operating software. Let’s talk about it in detail. 

Wordle Answer Fetus or Shine– what’s the final answer

One of the users cracked the case and came up with a theory that the users would get the word Shine as their wordle answer in Safari application and Fetus as the answer while using Chrome application. The Brisbane player also highlighted the recent events in the US, which can be the cause to change the answer. 

However, some users claim that they get the reverse results as they got Fetus as the answer on Safari and Shine as the answer on Chrome. This confusion frustrated the users, and now everyone is complaining about the game’s developer fixing the problem. 

What does the creator have to say about Wordle Fetus or Shine?

The New York Times, which bought the game from the creator Josh Wardle, issued a statement for the user Worldwide explaining the situation about the confusion. The developers claim that the word ‘Fetus’ was installed in the program earlier, and that is supposed to be the answer to Monday’s wordle answer.

However, looking at the recent news and the case of the women protesting about their rights, it doesn’t feel good to put the original word as the answer. That’s why Wordle changed the right answer, and now if you refresh your browser, you will get the ‘Shine’ as the right answer. 

Does the switching of right words happen before?

Yes, in march, like Wordle Answer Fetus or Shine, there was another case in which there were 2 right answers, i.e., “Harry” and “Stove”. During that time, the New York Times issued a statement in which they accepted that they switched the answer because of the presence of insensitive words as the answer. 

Many other words were removed from the right answer lists like Lynch, Slave and Wench. 

Final thoughts 

We have seen the problem faced by the users because of the dual answers of a single wordle game, and we can conclude that Wordle did its best to handle the Wordle Fetus or Shine situation professionally. You can read the news headlines to get a deep knowledge of the situation.

What was your right answer in Monday’s wordle game? Please share with us in the comment section.

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