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Wordle Map Game (March 2022) How To Play The Game?

Please read this composition to learn about the Wordle Map Game called Worldle, a geographical game inspired by the highly popular online word game Wordle. 

Do you have an aptitude for geography? Was this one of your favorite subjects? If yes, you must be fascinated by maps and outlines. Thus, please read this account to know about an online game suiting your flair. 

In today’s article, we have discussed a gaming portal that is gaining rapid fame. People Worldwide want to learn about this new version of another renowned game. Therefore, please continue reading to know all the essential information about the Wordle Map Game known as Worldle.

What is Worldle?

Worldle is a geography-based game where players have to guess a country or territory name correctly. The players have to guess it based on an outline map of the nation. The founder of Worldle is a game developer whose code name is teuteuf as on Ko-Fi. The game is a consequential version of the highly popular game Wordle. 

Wordle became an overtly accepted game Worldwide right from its launch. Due to its rapid popularity, developers created many other spin-offs of this game. Some by-products of Wordle include Nerdle related to Math, Heardle about songs, Squirdle regarding Pokémon, etc. Worldle is another such version of Wordle World Map Game.

How To Play Worldle?

Each day a new country is available for guessing based on the outline map. According to the user’s device, the time of uploading the game is at 12 midnight. The system selects the country or territory randomly. So, the same nation can be available on two consecutive days. 

Players need to guess the nation in six guesses. After each guess, the system shows some parameters as hints for the next guess. These are the distance and direction of the predicted country from the target nation. The distance in the Wordle World Map Game is by default shown in kilometers, but players can change it to miles from the settings. One can comprehend the direction via an arrow. 

Furthermore, the game displays the proximity percentage, which gives a better idea of how near the guess is to the correct answer. If the percentage is zero, the guess is on the opposite end to the actual country. Finally, players can check their statistics, like winning streak, average distancing, etc., from the given tab on the top-right corner of the webpage. 

Is There an App for the Wordle Map Game?

No, there is no mobile-based application for Worldle. The creator has stated in the game’s FAQ section that he has not developed an app for this game. He has also warned the users to stay away from such apps as they may be copied platforms. 

However, if a user wants to play the game on their smartphone, there is a provision to do it. They have to click on the phone icon on the top-left corner of the screen. They can follow the instructions to load the webpage on their smartphone. 


Many users have appreciated the Wordle Map Game, as seen on the developer’s Ko-Fi profile. People who love geography will enjoy playing this game as a daily challenge. Although inspired by Wordle, this game has other interesting features like the proximity percentage. 

Did you play any game of Worldle? Please share your performance in the section below.

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