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Wordle Winge Wordle {May} Correct Answer For 338 Puzzle!

This article provides satisfactory and essential information regarding Wordle Winge Wordle.  

Are you a regular player of the exciting puzzle game known as Wordle? Have you completed Wordle number 338 smoothly? If not, there’s not any issue related to this. This particular game is trending Worldwide, and in the last few days, the answers have been quite difficult. 23rd May’s Wordle is one of them. 

It was solely revolving around a word that is winge. People were scratching their heads and biting their nails about this unusual word. Is there any word like this? Is Wordle Winge Wordle a thing to consider? Let’s see about it below-

Is Winge An Answer to the Wordle 338?

An answer to 23rd May’s Wordle was ending with inge. But unfortunately, it wasn’t winge. Players were reckoning various words that can fit perfectly and make sense, like binge, tinge, singe, and winge. 

Henceforth, the answer was quite challenging: HINGE. The hinge meaning is easy, as we have read about it in our science textbooks as a hinge joint. It refers to a portable joint or device on which a gate, door, or lid swings connect. 

What Hints Led People to Ask Is a Winge Word Question? 

There were various hints available on numerous websites to help the players. After going through those hints, people got confused as most were guessing the word winge. So, they started searching quizzically for the meaning of this word. The hints were like the following-

  • The word of the day had two vowels.
  • The initial letter of Wordle 338 was a consonant.
  • The Wordle 338 word of the day began with the letter H.
  • Wordle 338 stopped with the letter E.
  • The meaning of the word is connected with attaching or joining something. 

Why is Wordle Winge Wordle Trending? 

The word winge is trending for some unknown reasons. The players of the Wordle game are browsing about it after playing the Wordle number 338. After going through the hints, it is mentioned that the puzzle starts with the letter H. 

So, we couldn’t guess the exact reason behind people’s confusion. But, it is clear that only this confusion led to things controversial and trending about this game. Moreover, if you still wish to know the meaning of winge, continue reading this full article. 

What’s The Meaning of Winge? 

Is a Winge Word in any dictionary? Were people considering and guessing the correct and legit word? Let us resolve all your queries. 

  • Firstly, it is a word available in various dictionaries like Collins, Merriam-Webster, and Cambridge.
  • Winge is an informal Australian word that is widely known as Whinge. It has two broad meanings; the first one is to cry dismally. And another one is to complain about something. 


We hope we have resolved all your queries and dilemmas regarding the word winge as a final thought. Wordle Winge Wordle is related to the 23rd May Wordle answer, Wordle 338. We have provided you with adequate knowledge regarding the related topic. 

We hope you find this internet-based collectible information helpful. Moreover, click here to know additional details. Have you guessed the correct answer? Please comment with your guessed answer. 

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