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Wpit18 Com Registration (Jan) Find Out The Details Here!

Wpit18 Com Registration (Jan) Find Out The Details Here! >> This article tells you about a job vacancy linked with a fighting tournament, and we will let you know whether it is an ideal opportunity or not.

Wpit18 Com Registration has become a trendy search after advertisements for a job vacancy claiming to pay a handsome amount of money has gained some popularity. If you’re one of the users who saw this advertisement online and are looking for more information about the same, you’ve come to the correct place. 

We’ll give you all the relevant and crucial information about it. You must know about the details behind this job as they aren’t ideal.

This vacancy is primarily for users in the Philippines. It has affiliations with the WPC. Please keep reading to know about the process of Wpc 15 com Register Online.

What is WPC15?

It’s the short form for World Pitmasters Cup, a tournament involving roosters fighting against each other in the Philippines. Despite the high amount of violence towards animals, such contests are legal in a few countries.

How is WPC conducted?

  • A specific set of rules is followed for the smooth conduction of this event.
  • All the participants, agents, etc., must follow these rules at all times.
  • You must register yourself with the management if you wish to be a part of this tournament.
  • This event attracts a reasonable amount of audience whenever it takes place.
  • The matches are broadcast live to the audience, which involves many prior preparations.
  • The viewers of Wpit18 Com Registration closely watch the rooster fights in this event.

How can you register online?  

  • There’s an opening for an agent on this website for which you can apply online.
  • We believe that this position has something to do with rooster fighting or gambling.
  • This vacancy spread through social media platforms.
  • The advertisement claims that users can make 5K-15K easily.
  • They also claim to hand out weekly payments and are available 24×7 for any service.
  • They’re looking for gold agents at 1% commission and silvers agents and players.
  • According to Wpit18 Com Registration, they can pay through either bank transfer or online payment.

Is it Safe and Legal?

Such tournaments aren’t ideal and are a complete violation of animal safety regulations in some countries. Please take a look at some of the information below:

  • Gambling is a significant part of this tournament. We suspect that the titles of silver and gold agents are affiliated with gambling, which makes it risky.
  • It’s prevalent for roosters to suffer grave injuries in this tournament, which is cruel and inhuman behavior.
  • Such tournaments like Wpit18 Com Registration are widely condemned because of the amount of violence involved towards innocent animals, in this case, roosters.
  • Any money that you receive from this job will indirectly be linked with animal violence.

Final Verdict

The website claims to pay a handsome amount of money. We’re not sure if you’ll receive the money or what you’ll have to do to earn money as it might involve gambling and rooster fighting, which is an immoral activity. In our opinion, you should look for a respectable job and ignore this advertisement. 

Let us know what you think of Wpc 15 com Register Online in the comments section below.

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