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How to Write a Mind-Blowing Essay Tips and Examples

Writing an essay is a crucial skill that all students should have. However, the difference between having an excellent and a good score in essays is being able to create a mind-blowing essay. While some students may outsource their work to professional essay writers such as Essay Geeks, it’s possible to still come up with a mind-blowing essay that you write by yourself. This article discusses a few tips to help you create a mind-blowing essay. 

Understand the essay prompt and follow it

Every essay has a prompt to follow to create your essay. If you don’t follow the prompt and write what you’re told, no matter how well the essay is, you’re unlikely to be ranked well. So, the first step to writing a good essay is to understand what is required of you and write accordingly. The goal of your essay would be to create a work that answers the essay question and follows the prompt rather than distract the readers from them. So, if you don’t understand your essay prompt, asking questions and seeking clarification is ideal because it’s important to your essay. 

Use facts, but include emotions too

Generally, when people write essays, they tend to state facts to support their claims. You should do the same as well, but you can make your essay outstanding (which is the goal) by adding or evoking emotions. This is how to create an impressive essay. You can use imagery and narratives to draw your reader’s attention. 

People are more interested in reading articles with emotions. It’s one of the ways that online websites gain revenue per mille visits on their website. This has to be the goal for your essay as well. That’s how to blow your reader’s mind. Your essays must have words, expressions, and emotions that the readers can relate to. However, you must be too careful not to distract them from the essay’s intent and the prompt. Otherwise, it’ll negatively affect your essay. 

Watch your language

While adding emotions and expressions to your essay, you must always remember the purpose of your essay. This means you must avoid using slang, phrases, idioms, and abbreviations in your essay. Because you’re writing your essay to humans, it’s okay to use emotions to attract them, but you must never forget that it’s still scholarly and official. Hence, some words cannot be used. 

Don’t exceed the word count

One of the reasons many people fail their essays is that they haven’t learned to stick to their word count. The ability to write a top-quality essay within the stipulated word count is one of the things that makes essays from dissertation writing help one of the best you’ll come across. It’s a skill you must learn if you want to create excellent essays. Learn to pass your information across in the least number of words possible. Exceeding your word count is the easiest way to send a negative impression about your work. It means you didn’t stick to the prompt, and it might overrule everything you’ve written in the essay. 

Follow the format strictly

Being a good writer or storyteller doesn’t give you the special privilege of overlooking your essay format. Your essay is a task to evaluate your personality, creativity and writing skills. Irrespective of your essay’s interest, there’s a format to follow that must be your priority.

For instance, college essays typically start with the introductory paragraph where you mention the main points to be discussed. The body paragraph comes next and consists of several paragraphs discussing several points relating to the essay. This part of the essay answers the essay prompts in a professional but engaging manner. The concluding paragraph is the last part which summarizes the whole essay and relates it to the main point. Ensure that your paragraphs contain valuable points and are properly analyzed in the body and summarized in conclusion. 

Study the essay prompt properly and follow its format and instructions very strictly. 

Edit and proofread your essay 

The best part of writing your essay isn’t writing it; it’s perfecting it. This is what editing and proofreading do to your essay. You may not have noticed several errors in your essay while writing. This is the part of writing where you find them and pick them out. Grammatical, stylistic, and punctuation errors reduce the quality of your essay. Creating a mind-blowing essay means it’s free of simple and complicated errors. This is why you should take the time to go through your work after writing it. It will help if you take some breaks in between writing and editing. It keeps your eyes and perspective fresh enough to notice the errors. 


Writing an excellent mind-blowing essay should be a priority for every student. This is how you get the highest grades possible. This article discusses some of the ways to achieve this. 

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