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Write for Us Airlines – Read And Follow The Guidelines!

All the details, like guidelines and topics, are given in the Write for Us Airlines write-up for contributing to the Dodbuzz guest post.

Are you a blogger, writer, and expert writing articles on different aspects of the Airline industry? The pandemic has hit this industry badly, but as life is becoming standard, many activities are taking part in the airline sector. 

You can also share their ideas with thousands of visitors coming to the Dodbuzz platform and divert them to your site. Write for Us Airlines guest post is an excellent opportunity for the aviation industry to share their post-pandemic plan and many other things with the global audience.

Who are we?

Dodbuzz is an online portal involved in publishing digital content forming an essential part of the digital media industry. It is active in three niches website review, product review, and news. 

Online shoppers visit our site regularly to read the daily dose of legit reviews of the e-commerce platform. The product review section contains a detailed analysis of the product and helps the customer know its features and benefits. The news section covers international events that have global significance. 

“Write For Us Airlines Blog Guest Post:

The guest post on Airline has great potation for each writer involved. Contributors, as essential players, can reap maximum benefit from the guest post initiative. It will allow them to share their ideas and visions with thousands of readers visiting the site. Experts working in the industry can also give their take on policy and the difficulties each player faces.

Companies and portals working in the industry can share promotional articles on the platform for visitors. The reader will get a different perspective from contributors from all over the world on airlines. Write For Us + Airlines Blog will bring additional visitors as people searching for an article on the airline will eventually lead to our platform through this post.

Benefits for Contributors to the Airline Guest post:

There are many benefits that contributors can expect by writing a post on our website.

  • Writers will get a ready-made readership base for the content as thousands of regular visitors may try articles from different niches.
  • Bookings portal can advertise and tell about their product and services.
  • Airlines can target their customers by writing about their promotions and offers during different festival seasons.
  • Website in the airline industry can divert some traffic on their company portal by using backlinks in Airlines Blog “”Write For Us”” guest post.
  • Training institutes can also share details of their courses and create an inquiry for their institute.

Type of article accepted by Dodbuzz Com for the guest post:

  • We accept well-researched articles backed by facts and figures.
  • The contributor should avoid submitting an already published article.
  • Content should target the mass audience, and writers should use simple language to make the article.
  • Airline guest posts will only accept articles related to the airline industry and its allies.

Guidelines for Writing Airlines Guest post:

The guideline mentioned below should be followed by every writer and experts for successful submission of the Write For Us + “”Airlines Blog””” post. It will also help in the organic ranking of the article on SERP.

  • Writers are advised to keep the article’s length at a minimum of 1000 words.
  • Eye-grabbing titles should be used for the content.
  • The grammatical error must be avoided, and a grammar score of 100 is accepted.
  • Proper headings and subheadings should be used while making the content.
  • The contributor should follow the SEO guidelines of search engines for a higher content ranking in the organic result.
  • Dodbuzz accepts only fresh and unique articles for publication.
  • Content having plagiarism will not be accepted, so the writer should make original content for the Write for Us Airlines post.
  • The link used in making the article should not have a spam score of more than 2-3%. 
  • Writers and experts are advised to attach two links to the article.
  • Articles submitted with Dodbuzz for publication should not be shared with another digital platform.

Topics that can be covered under the Airlines Guest post:

  • What to expect when flying in post-pandemic times.
  • How the pandemic has changed the Aviation industry.
  • Airline offering meal service onboard.

How to apply for Dodbuzz Airline guest post:

Bloggers, writers, and experts from the Airline industry interested in contributing to the guest post can contact us at jacksonhnry59@gmail.com.


Write for Us Airlines guest post is a unique opportunity for experts from the aviation industry to share their ideas and information with a ready-made global audience. People having difficulty with the guest post can contact our team at the above-given email address or share their queries in the comment section.

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