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Write For Us + Camera – What All Topics Can Be Covered?

Write For Us + Camera has all the relevant details for writing photography guest posts on Dodbuzz Website.

Do you want a platform to share your expertise in camera and photography with a global audience? The photography industry has seen a 360 change in the last decade with the modification of devices and altered needs of professionals in this field. The advent of digital technology has given a new lease of life to photography and the role of high-tech cameras.

As the camera industry is growing, professionals require a regular update on its changes along with a list of new avenues for them. Experts from this industry can use our global platform and share their knowledge and opinion about this field by connecting with our Write For Us + Camera post initiative.

Table of Contents

What is Dodbuzz Platform?

We expect professionals and experts in the field of photography and electronics to use this unique opportunity provided by our platform. The Dodbuzz portal is a well-known name in the field of website and product review as a global audience visits our site to get relevant information. Our review team works tirelessly to provide unbiased content for buyers looking for legit e-commerce destinations.

Similarly, our product reviews provide insight to buyers on the latest product available in the market and discuss its different attributes. Dodbuzz website also has a news section that covers all the events of global stature and interest’s people in other parts of the globe. The gaming section covers the latest release from the world of online gaming.

What is a Camera Guest Post?

This guest initiative is designed to benefit all the players taking part in it. Three stakeholders in this guest post are the audience seeking articles on camera and photography, experts and professionals looking to share their ideas, and Dodbuzz platforms. The benefits to each player are listed below.

  • Experts and blog writers can get the global audience in quick time along with the opportunity to take them on their websites.
  • Dodbuzz will get additional traffic from the camera and photography section of the audience.
  • Amateur photographers and camera operators will get insight into the industry from experienced players.

Type of Content Expected for Write For Us Camera Guest Post:

Writers and experts from the industry should know the type of content accepted by the Dodbuzz publishing team. As low-quality content will thoroughly be rejected, our team will not be responsible for the effort made by the writer. We have listed some points writers, and experts should consider while developing their content.

  • The content should specifically cover a topic related to camera and photography.
  • Content with another topic will not be entertained.
  • The write-up should be well researched and backed by facts and figures.
  • A company can write a blog that promotes its products.
  • Informative articles on photography can be written for an audience.
  • The write-up should be unique and free of plagiarism.
  • Already published article will be rightly rejected by the Dodbuzz website. 
  • Articles on product launches can also be shared on our platform.

The above discussion will give some ideas to experts and writers to develop guest post content for the Dodbuzz platform. People interested in writing camera posts should keep all the above points while creating the article.

Dodbuzz Guidelines for Photography and Camera Post:

This section is essential as the content should be based on the guidelines below. Content writers are advised to follow all the rules for writing SEO-based blogs. They can also read the guideline mentioned by search engines, which will help them develop desired content for the platform.

  • Writers should not deviate from the topic and photography and camera and keep their subject line throughout the article.
  • Camera Write For Us” blog should be at least 1000 words.
  • It should be written in a coherent manner. 
  • The language used in the article should be comprehended by the average reader and have a high readability score.
  • A write-up with a 100 grammar score is accepted for publishing, and a quality grammar tool should be used.
  • The platform expects proper heading and subheadings with relevant content under 


  • The article should have the ability to engage the audience for some time.
  • All the SEO rules should be followed adequately by the content developer.
  • More than 90% of the article should be written in active voice, and passive voice is to be avoided.
  • Two appropriate links should be attached to the post.
  •  The write-up should be able to attract a global audience and impart quality information to them.

Topics that can cover in Photography Guest Post:

It is an indicative part of the post and will help the writer and expert select a relevant topic for the camera write-up. 

  • Review of camera, lens, or other photography devices.
  • Topics in the photography industry.
  • Role of photography in the digital economy.
  • Tips on improving photography techniques.
  • Latest gadgets in photography.
  • Career scope in digital photography.
  • Topic on Aperture and shutter speed.
  • The technique used in post-production photography.

Expert photographers can create many other technical topics in photography for Write For Us + “Camera” guest post. The article should be able to add value to the audience’s knowledge of cameras and photography.

How photographers and writers can apply for the Camera Guest Post?

Experienced photographers and industry writers can share their knowledge and ideas by writing posts on the Dodbuzz web portal. They can also divert some traffic on their platform by using the link and get customers for their product and services.

People interested in writing a blog on our website can email at contact.dodbuzz@gmail.com and wait for the response from the guest post team. A team member will contact the concerned writer and guide them for further process.


We have covered all the topics in this post that will help camera expert bloggers write an article of their choice on the Dodbuzz website. It is advised that experts interested in contributing to the Write For Us + Camera post read the guideline and other details properly

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