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Write for Us Gemstone – Read And Follow The Rules!

The article Write for Us Gemstone describes the qualifications for the guest post contributors and the mandatory rules to be followed.

Do you know what red beryl, amethyst, and topaz are? Is it easy to find the answers to these questions? Yes, these are some of the rarest gemstones in the world. Our ancestors believed that gemstones have the power to change one’s life and that they do have a relationship with the universe.

If you are one of the people who are eligible to share your knowledge, don’t hesitate our team invites gemstone experts to contribute to Write for Us Gemstone articles.

Details about our platform

High daily impressions on the internet demonstrate that people of all ages trust our content. Our theme doesn’t focus on a particular group of people. Our target base is more inclusive. Global readers, educators, professionals, field experts, business people, and others are our focus.

To satisfy the needs of each reader, we committed ourselves to providing accurate information on reviews, health care, games, entertainment, fashion, technology, etc.

Some people have misconceptions about gemstones, so we want some gemstone experts to write guest posts for our readers to clear up their doubts .

Qualification for  “Write For Us Gemstone Blog Guest Post

A gemstone is a natural mineral that is extracted chiefly from mother earth. So we need some people with excellent knowledge of that sector, so our expected qualifications are:

  • We cordially invite gemology graduates to participate and contribute to our readers’ knowledge. They can take recent myths and truths about gems, the manufacturing process, and the availability of gems in the earth’s crust.
  • A certified gemologist would be ideal for this guest post because they can share their vast knowledge of gems and their applications.
  • Goldsmiths and jewellery designers can think of new ways to use gemstones in the jewellery industry. 

Write For Us + Gemstone Blog topics should be covered are:

  • The distinction between natural and artificial gemstones
  • Methods for identifying fake gemstones
  • Astrological facts and Universal talks
  • Manufacturing conditions and processes
  • Jewelry design
  • Latest technology
  • elemental 9 gems
  • Their values and grades

We want the topics to be presented from different perspectives, so writers shouldn’t stick to conventional and well-known gemstones. They can also write about semi-precious and rare gemstones like painite, hibonite, etc. The people who cut the stones are called gem cutters or diamantaires. Even so, they can attempt it because they will have practical knowledge.

Documentation rules

Each Gemstone Blog “Write For Us” article should mandatorily follow the below-mentioned rules. They are

  • Since gemstones come under a scientific topic, every detail should have a credible source.
  • Writers can use flowcharts, tabulations, etc., to intrigue the readers into reading more about the topic.
  • Guest post authors should not use any copywritten images.
  • The Dodbuzz website does not publish information that has already been published elsewhere. So let all the articles be plagiarism free.
  • Don’t make any grammatical or spelling mistakes.
  • If the writers know about SEO guidelines, they should concentrate on the main keywords, secondary keywords, and links.
  • Don’t promote any designer or Gemstone Company.
  • The content length of Write For Us + “Gemstone Blog” can vary from 800 to 1000 words.

What can the writers expect from us?

  • The Dodbuzz website has reached a phenomenal position because of the hard work of our writers, so we never missed providing credit to the guest post authors’ work. Our website publishes the names of the authors of their respective works.
  • Writers can link their backlinks along with their documents.
  • All our articles are SEO-friendly, which helps the guest post reach higher levels than expected.
  • A writer can also create new contacts with our editorial team.

Submission of works

The Dodbuzz website doesn’t require the Write for Us Gemstone writers to submit the complete final copy. But the only mode of submission is through the mail address: jacksonhnry59@gmail.com

They can share the outline by asking our editorial team for a suggestion. We have friendly editorial people. So they will share their further suggestions and ask the writers to edit accordingly. But after the final stage of processing the guest post articles, the Dodbuzz team will edit the content as per the industry’s needs before publishing it on our platform.


So our final advice to the guest post authors is to be genuine with their work. The Dodbuzz team won’t accept any copied content or unscientific Write for Us Gemstone content. We greatly appreciate anyone willing to share original and authentic content with us. Since loyalty is another essential factor, writers should not share their content with other websites.

Visit here to learn about gemstones.  

Were the guidelines easy to follow? Tell us in the comments below.

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