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Write For Us Cryptocurrency Guest Post – Read Guidelines

The article aims to discuss the offer of Write For Us Cryptocurrency Guest Post and educate you about the experience you will gain.

Can you write a guest blog on Cryptocurrency? Can you write the basic procedures on the topic? Here the content contributors will get an excellent opportunity. Our portal needs knowledgeable and experienced content creators who can write guest blogs, news articles and review articles for our portal.

Our primary target is to educate and give the correct data on Cryptocurrency. Check out our Write For Us Cryptocurrency Guest Post section. 

Know Our Portal- Dodbuzz

If you check our podium, you will find the name of our content-providing company is Dodbuzz. We are a promising online portal that publishes news and review articles. We also post guest blogs and news articles on the various matters of Cryptocurrency.

Our primary target is to publish news blogs on Cryptocurrency. Today many people, like investors, buyers and experts, want to know about Cryptocurrency. It is a hot topic now. We also publish review articles on Cryptocurrency and describe various digital coins in the report.

Rules for Write for Us Cryptocurrency

  1. The content contributors should have some prior knowledge of the subject. You can check our portal’s cryptocurrency section if you need any references.
  2. The blogs should be written healthily and use the grammar protocol. We need a 99 plus grammar score. Besides this, the content contributors need to attach the screenshot of the grammar score check in the premier tool.
  3. The content contributors should maintain the spam score within 3 per cent only.
  4. The content writers use parliamentary and easy words while drafting the content.
  5. For Write For Us + Cryptocurrency, we don’t allow any plagiarized work. The content contributors should attach a screenshot of the plagiarism score. 
  6. The contributors should use internal and external links as well. The internal link should be in “blue and bold.” The external links should be in “green and bold” with other words. The external link needs to be used after 80 per cent of the article.
  7. Place the keywords between 0.75 to 1 per cent. For the 500 words news article, you need to place keywords 5 times. Using a primary keyword in the introduction is a must.

Advantages of Cryptocurrency “Write For Us”

  1. The content contributors will write for the best news portal and increase their experience.
  2. For our SEO protocols, almost 10,000 readers will read your news blog daily.
  3. The content contributors also earn the best SERP rank for our SEO algorithm.

Blogs You Can Write

  1. How to Invest in Crypto Currency?
  2. How to Use a Wallet to Buy Crypto Tokens?
  3. Financial Prospects of Crypto Currency.

How to Connect

Send us content to our email id: braydenwilson763@gmail.com. We will review your article and contact you within one single day. We can edit your content for publication matters. 

At Last

We hope you understand the Write For Us + “Cryptocurrency” segment? It will give you immense exposure as a content creator. So, start writing for our portal. For content safety, you must know that Dodbuzz will keep full copy authority on the published content. 

More or less, we will experience the best. Also, check the viewpoint about Cryptocurrency via this link. 

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