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Write For Us Gym: Look Into These Interesting Tips To Create Good Guest Post Articles!

The article highlights the general SEO guidelines to be adhered to by the guest post writers in order to produce a high-quality Write for Us Gym article.

Are you the type of person who enjoys going to the gym? Are there any interesting gym facts you’d like to share with our readers? If so, we have a specially curated guest blogging opportunity for you. All you have to do is read the entire article and follow its guidelines. Then that Write for Us Gym article will then be fit enough to gather thousands of readers, which will help you gain popularity and recognition for your work.

Introduction to our website “dodbuzz.com”

In 2015, we started our website as a small review platform. Our unbiased reviews helped us gather a larger number of readers for our platform, and then we broadened our horizons to deal with various topics. Since the establishment of this website, we have been following this golden rule: “Our informative works will inspire our readers and make them engage with our platform, and we are doing this with all our heart!”

Our range of topics includes

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Shopping Tips
  • Gaming Tips
  • Business
  • Sports

Write for Us + Gym writers Preferred Field Experience and Skill Sets

A gym is a place where people go to exercise to get their bodies fitter and healthier. In the current world, the gym has become a mandatory place to visit because of our changing food habits and because more people are interested in having handsome abs, six-packs, etc.

But there are certain things to note before joining a gym because only an experienced person can guide people correctly.

Thus, the responsibility of this Gym Write for Us writer is to share unknown facts about gyms with the public. And we expect the experienced person to deal with the topic because many misconceptions about fitness and the gym are circulating on the internet.

Professionals such as exercise physiologist, personal trainers, health and wellness coach, kinesiologist, fitness equipment technician, dietitians, bodybuilding coaches, fitness instructors, injury prevention specialists, fitness apparel designers, fitness technology engineers, and any other professional can try this writing opportunity.

Educational qualification is no bar for “Gym” Write for Us interested candidates, but they should have good writing skills.

But sometimes it won’t be easy to choose one topic, so we have some sample topics, and here they are:

  • What exercises can be done in the gym?
  • What are the hygiene parameters that have to be maintained in the gym?
  • Benefits of using the gym to maintain a healthy body
  • How to find gym membership scams?

Write for Us + “Gym” articles Guidelines

  • The word limit for the article should be within the range of 600 to 2000; please don’t exceed this limit. If any of the writers need to include information, they can share it as a separate topic, and we will accept multiple submissions.
  • Writers should not promote gyms, gym trainers, or fitness courses in their articles; we may reject them, so please pay attention to them.
  • The article should contain unique content; please share your experience and knowledge with us and not others.
  • Our team will emphasise the authenticity and grammatical aspects of the article; Gym + Write for Us writers must pay special attention to these aspects.
  • Writers can include any demonstration images in their articles. We encourage that.

SEO guidelines

  • The vital point for increasing the SEO score of the article lies in incorporating the target keywords.
  • These target keywords are easily found in search engines or through any keyword planner application.
  • Spamming value has to be reduced up to a percentage of 5 to 6%; otherwise, spam may affect Google search rankings.
  • Insert the internal and external website links, and make sure to highlight them in different colours.

Write for Us “Gym” writers Benefits

  • Our website has a newsletter option, so our readers will regularly get our updates. And all the guest post writers’ works will reach our readers more easily, which helps increase the popularity level of the article.
  • Our website respects every writer’s work and helps them reach a significant level in their writing career.

How to submit it?

The articles should be delivered to this email address [teamdodbuzz@gmail.com]. Kindly send us a byline about yourself and your credentials along with the documents.


We want to summarise the article by stating that you should provide us with your Write for Us Gym unique works and kindly don’t sell or reshare the same content on another platform, which is against the terms and conditions of our website. Please keep this important point in mind and that’s the wrap. We look forward to reading your amazing Gym topic articles; thank you.

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