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Write For Us Home Decoration- Learn About Latest Rules!

Are you interested in sharing your expertise on Write for Us Home Decoration? If yes, you are welcome to read more about the offer below.

Are you a home décor blogger searching for a website having an immense global audience? Do you want to share your knowledge and expertise on home décor with an audience seeking digital content on home decoration?

Many house and flat owners search for digital content on home décor to furnish their home or office space. As home décor article gives an idea to the client on pricing and services, it is the most sought post on the internet. 

Dodbuzz.com is inviting experts, companies, and websites from the home décor industry to join for our Write for Us Home Decoration initiative and get access to thousands of visitors on its platform.

Explaining Our Digital Portal Dodbuzz.com

Dodbuzz is a user-friendly digital article-publishing platform that shares articles in niches like website reviews, product reviews, decors, lifestyle, health, education, games, global news, and cryptocurrency. The content delivered by the Dodbuzz portal is based on internet research which are done from 100% authentic sites and is for informative purposes. Our website has no association with an entity that produces goods or services.

Our website’s audience is primarily online shoppers, global news seekers, and crypto enthusiasts. They visit our platform to get authentic information on the website and topics covered in different categories. The write for us initiative is an attempt by Dodbuzz to make its content diverse for a larger audience and making their screen time a highly productive one.

Describing Write for Us + Home Decoration Guidelines:

Contributors should keep the article’s length between 500 to 1000 words.

The article should be unique and free of plagiarism. You can check the uniqueness score in any free online plagiarism checker tools. 

SEO guidelines should be followed by contributors while developing the home decoration guest blog. Collect the necessary primary and secondary keywords accordingly. 

Two quality and relevant external and internal links should be attached to the post after its 80% completion.

Keyword density should be kept between .75 to 1% of the content.

Websites with a spam score of over 3% should be avoided for making the home decoration post.

The guest post should be free of grammatical errors, and the writer should ensure a Grammarly score of 98+.

The main title of the Home Decoration Write for Us guest post should grasp the attention of the audience on our platform.

The language of the guest post should be simple with a friendly tone.

The article should contain a title, introduction, subheadings, conclusion, commenting lines and description.

Active voice should be used for over 90% of the Home Decoration guest post.

External links and related crux phrases should be formatted in bold and green.

The image used for the guest post should be free of copyright issues.

Home Decoration guest post benefits to Contributors:

Bloggers and Home decoration writers can test their skills by collecting Home Decoration Write for Us guest post metrics and analyzing them.

Contributors will have access to 10000+ regular visitors on the Dodbuzz.com platform.

Website publishing home decoration articles can write informative posts for their targeted audience.

Companies dealing in home decoration services can educate the audience about their product and price. But don’t write it marketing or promotional styles.

The post will remain active on our platform, allowing a continuous traffic flow.

Dodbuzz digital team will provide targeted keywords to contributors, enabling additional traffic for their guest posts.

Type of guest post accepted by Dodbuzz.com Website:

We accept content that is well-researched and original.

Contributors should submit informative Write for Us + Home Decoration posts that add value to the audience searching for them.

The article already available in other websites should not be submitted for the guest blog that will be equals to plagiarism.

Contributors should avoid promotional text and images for the home decoration post.

The article submitted for the guest post should not be shared with another digital platform. Because our team owns the copywrite of the particular articles. 

A Few Home Decoration Guest Post Ideas

  •  Article on Home Décor products
  • Content on Home décor design
  • Topic on Modular kitchen
  • How to reduce the Home Décor costs?
  • Home décor product reviews
  • Top website publishing Home décor articles
  • Different color schemes available for interior decoration
  • Home Décor ideas for office space.
  • Top home décor trends in the country

How to submit the Write for Us Home Decoration Guest Post?

Home décor experts and companies interested in sharing their home decoration blog on the Dodbuzz com web portal can contact us at advertisement.dodbuzz@gmail.com. Our team will contact the contributor within three days of receiving the mail and guide them in writing a quality guest post.


Bloggers and experts interested in writing guest posts should follow all the guidelines mentioned above for hassle-free publication of home décor guest blogs on our platform. We advise the Contributors not to miss the opportunity to publish their work on the website, which has more than 10000+ visitors daily.

People having any queries related to the Write for Us Home Decoration guest post can contact our team at the e-mail mentioned above. And comment your thoughts below.

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