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Write For Us News – Explore The New Writing Opportunity!

This write-up contains all the details, like the guidelines and topics required for making the Write for Us News guest blog for the dodbuzz.com website.

Do you want full knowledge about our Write for Us News position opportunity? If yes, read this guide completely to learn more instructions below. 

Do you have excellent writing skills and want to share the latest updates from politics, sports, and entertainment with global readers? Are you a blogger or an expert from the news industry searching for a website with a worldwide audience to showcase your writing skills? 

The rise in global events and digital media has created a segment of the audience looking for a daily dose of international news.

Our website invites contributors from the news media industry to share their articles on its platform. Bloggers and experts can get access to thousands of regular visitors coming to our website by submitting an article for the Write for Us News guest blog.

Defining Our Website

Dodbuzz.com is a part of the global digital media industry and publishes articles in selected niches. News, lifestyle, blockchain, fashion, gaming tips, business, health, travel, website, and product reviews are some categories for which our platform delivers content regularly. The content posted is based on internet research and is for informative purposes.

Online shoppers use the informative content under website review to check the legitimacy of an e-commerce store. Online audiences searching for global news on politics, the economy, sports, and entertainment visit our news section. Dodbuzz.com website has no affiliation with any media house or company selling products in the digital space.

Special Write for Us + News Guidelines of Our Website

  • We accept content that is of a high standard and 100% original without the traces any copied works.
  • The readability score of the article should be 90+.
  • Keep the length of the news post between 500 to 1000 words. Kindly don’t lower the word limit any further.
  • Avoid copied content and keep the post free of plagiarism.
  • The article should be free of grammatical errors and have a Grammarly score 99+.
  • The guest post contributor should follow the latest SEO guidelines to get a good SERP rankings. 
  • Two quality external and internal links should be attached to the article after 80% post completion.
  • A website with a spam score of over 3% should be avoided for the News Write for Us article.
  • Keyword density should be kept between .75 to 1% of the post length.
  • Most of the content should be written in an active voice.
  • The title of the post should be creative so that we can grasp the attention of the audience easily.
  • An article should contain a proper heading, introduction, subheading, conclusion, and description compulsorily else the chances of getting selected may get reduced.
  • The language used in the article should be simple and tone-friendly.
  • The images used in the post should be free of copyright issues.

Explaining Guest Post Benefit for Contributors

News post bloggers will get thousands of readymade audiences for their guest articles.

  • The SEO team will provide a targeted keyword for the “Write for Us” + News content, ensuring better performance in search results.
  • The post will remain active on dodbuzz.com, ensuring continuous traffic flow from our global audience.
  • News post writers and bloggers can check the performance of posts by analyzing different metrics.
  • Contributors from the news industry can share their stories with a global audience.
  • We have friendly and highly skilled professionals who will guide every writer, so writers can learn many new things from our team.

Contents Our Website Accepts

  • We accept only well-researched post that is 100% original.
  • Articles published in another digital space should be not submitted to us. 
  • The contributor should submit informative News + “Write for Us” posts that add value to the audience searching for them.
  • Content for promotional and marketing purposes should not be submitted for the guest post.
  • Guest post articles should not be shared with any other digital platform.

What is a News guest post?

Dodbuzz.com website publishes regular articles under some niches on its platform. The news guest post is an attempt to diversify its news section and attract additional traffic to its website. 

Contributors will benefit from the readymade audience for their guest posts, while the website will get content that will attract more traffic.

Stating Some News “Write for Us” Topics Suggestions

  • Article on important international events like G-20.
  • Content on the global economic situation.
  • News from a sporting event like FIFA 2022.
  • International conflicts that can shape the world’s future.
  • News from the entertainment industry has a global audience.

How You Can Submit Your Article?

Contributors interested in sharing their articles on news posts with Dodbuzz.com can contact our team at jacksonhnry59@gmail.com. And this email address can be used for clearing all types of queries as well.


People interested in sharing their news blogs should follow all the guidelines to avoid rejection . The contributor can share their news post on the dodbuzz.com website and get access to 10000+ regular visitors coming on its platform. 

Contributors having queries related to the Write for Us News post can contact our team members at the above-given e-mail.

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