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Write for Us SEO: Know Our Writing Criteria Here!

If you would like to submit a Write for Us SEO guest post with us, please read all the rules and essential criteria for submission.

Do you think you would be a good candidate to write a guest post? Do you know any SEO tools, tips and techniques that could be useful to our audience? If you can inform readers about SEO tools in your article, you are invited to use our platform. 

To assist the reader from around the world, you can add in-depth knowledge to the article. We want to give our visitors relevant information regarding a Write for Us SEO. To learn about the necessary submission requirements and standards, continue reading.

Describe Dodbuzz

Our goal at Dodbuzz is to inform our worldwide audience factually and accurately. We employ a large number of well-known writers who conduct in-depth research to ensure that the article is informative and helpful for the readership.

We offer articles on numerous news-related subjects, information in specialised fields, sports, reviews, and other themes. Our website receives frequent visits from knowledgeable users looking for information. Before publication, on our site we go through several verification processes. 

If you are fresher in creating a guest blog then also you can contribute on our website Dodbuzz, the only condition is that one needs to follow all the protocols mentioned below for writing Write for Us + SEO post.

Writing Guidelines for Writing Guest Posts 

  • Guidelines should be carefully studied and followed all the way through the article. To write an SEO-friendly article, you must concentrate on these factors. It would be preferable if you were to keep in mind that, should your piece be chosen, we reserve the right to change it before publication.
  • Writers should be aware that their article’s grammar must score higher than 98.
  • Since we do not accept copied content, make sure there is no plagiarism in your article.
  • You must ensure that the external link is legitimate.
  • Avoid writing any impulsive language.
  • Post must be written in an active voice. Passive voice is not acceptable in guest posts.
  • Article must be written in simple language so it will be understandable to all our readers.
  • SEO Write for Us shouldn’t contain pointless information that may drive readers away.
  • The same concepts shouldn’t be repeated.
  • Spam score of the mentioned link must be less than three percent.
  • Make your article interesting so that readers will continue to read it.
  • Before writing, conduct thorough research.
  • The word count of a guest blog must contain a minimum of 750 words.
  • The best way to make it SEO-friendly is to include appropriate keywords.
  • Make an effort to write short sentences and paragraphs.
  • Always add an external link after the post gets 80% completed and also highlight the link with green color.
  • Always remember to properly highlight every keyword with blue color.

Advantages of a Write for Us SEO on our site 

  • You will benefit from contributing to our website.
  • New SEO functions are familiarized to writers.
  • Writers may also check through SERP their writing skills after contributing to write for us post.
  • A vast global audience will see your content.
  • One can include a pertinent link and increase traffic significantly.
  • If the audience will find your guest blog educational and interesting they will share links of articles with others, which help to get in contact with a large audience.

Suggested Topics

  • The definition of SEO
  • How many distinct kinds of SEO are there?
  • How does SEO for newbies work?
  • How is SEO done?
  • What variety of SEO tools is available?
  • What does SEO mean?
  • Are there any guidelines for using SEO?
  • Major SEO tools
  • Write for Us SEO
  • SEO plagiarism checker
  • SEO free tools
  • SEO grammar checker

How can you get in touch with us?

After finishing your guest post send it to Email (advertisement.dodbuzz@gmail.com). We are impartial regarding guest posts: anyone is welcome to submit guest posts as long as they follow the necessary rules for creating articles.

You will need to wait a short while for our response because your article won’t be published right away. It must pass a number of grammar, plagiarism, and other checks before publication.


All requirements and conditions for the article have been provided. You must adhere to the rules precisely if you want to contribute to “Write for Us.” If you possess any knowledge of SEO, you can share it with the audience. You can click on this link to learn more about SEO.

What opinions do you have about the article? Please tell us in the comment section.

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