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Write For Us Service: Needful Tips To Write A Good Guest Post Article!

The article describes the preferred educational qualifications and experience needed for Write for Us Service writers for the presenting the dodbuzz articles.

Are you someone who has worked in the service sector and is aspiring to write wonderful articles? Can you discuss some of the most valuable services in the world? Then you have a golden opportunity to showcase your writing skills via our guest blogging opportunity. And that golden opportunity could lead to incredible future opportunities. But the Write for Us Service article has to be written according to our website guidelines. Thus, we have shared it with all the interested candidates so kindly make use of it.

About our website” dodbuzz.com”

Our website is popularly known for its ability to amaze our readers with high-quality articles. And we are an online platform team that follows professional writers’ ethics while publishing an article; thus, it will be free from any fake information and suitable for all age groups of people; thus, our team is for all global people.

Our works for a global audience are:

  • Website Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Travel
  • Education
  • Health
  • Gaming Tips
  • Shopping Tips

Preferred Educational Qualifications and Experience needed for Write for Us + Service writers 

The word “service” is mostly associated with helping or assisting people. But in reality, service is an economic term, and for each service, someone has to pay for that respective service. As a result, services are also classified as monetary entities. Thus, the responsibility of the writers is to present the article more professionally.

  • They can quote the services of doctors, lawyers, IT sector people, etc.
  • For example, software engineers can present their detailing services when creating an application; doctors can share their medical services with patients, etc.
  • In addition, the writers should be aware of the service’s intangibility, perishability, and variability.
  • If they do, Service Write for Us writers can easily continue the article by quoting numerous services worldwide.
  • Lawyers, doctors, bankers, insurance companies, government service providers, customer service representatives, mechanics, software specialists, financial advisors, teachers, lecturers, military officers, and the people who render their services to the nation can participate in this guest blogging opportunity.
  • Educational qualification: The interested person should have a graduation degree from any stream.

We want to provide some sample topics, and here they are:

  • What are the most popular services in this digital world?
  • What are the pros and cons of offline and online services?
  • What factors are needed to deliver a quality service to the people?
  • How can we distinguish the services according to the industries or businesses?

Write for Us + “Service” articles Guidelines

  • The article’s word count should be, at most, the stated limit of 1500 words. We strongly believe that writers will not send us any short articles.
  • The article should begin with a catchy title and an introduction, then move on to the article’s main body, followed by the conclusion and a brief description.
  • We must encourage the audience to provide feedback, so please include a heartfelt comment section.
  • The Grammarly application can be used for checking grammar errors, and the Grammarly score of the “Service” Write for Us article should be above 98.
  • The writer has to insert the required bullets and images about the topics.
  • Writers should show off their unique writing style to us; we value only the article’s uniqueness, so please don’t copy any content from the internet.

Write for Us + “Service” articles SEO Guidelines

  • Linking the websites is one of the most important activities to boost the SEO score; therefore, writers should add 2 to 3 internal hyperlinks and one external link. We request that the writers use our website for internal linking purposes.
  • Including an appropriate number of keywords is an important part of article optimization. Thus, kindly search for high-ranking keywords and insert them.


  • The writers will gain practical writing experience and exposure, which will be a very beneficial takeaway from our website.
  • All our team members like to help; they will assist the writers in topic selection, SEO optimization strategies, and so on.
  • Service + Write for Us articles will be published under the names of respected authors so that the authors will get all the credit from our audience.

How to submit the article?

Even our services are writer-friendly, we have chosen a simple step for article submission: writers drop their articles into this email address [jacksonhnry59@gmail.com].


Thus, we have shared all the vital points to be followed while writing the guest post article. If any of the writers have any doubts about the guidelines, they can reach out to our Write for Us Service helping team, and the email mentioned earlier can be used for that purpose too. Thank you, share your high-quality Service topic articles with us, and take our recognition with you.

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