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Write for Us Startup- Explore And Find Out Details!

The article Write for Us Startup outlines the guidelines for writing guest post articles for the Dodbuzz website along with the qualifications.

Are you the person who is amazed by the startup growth in recent years? Do you know how many startup companies are emerging daily? So startups have become a significant contributor to the country’s GDP. Our platform contributes to the readers’ knowledge expansion. 

If you are a person who is confident about your written work, then you contribute your work in our platform. So, you should read the complete article on how to present Write for Us Startup.

An Introduction To Our Website:

Dodbuzz website is a renowned online platform for its authentic health information, the latest news, business, fashion, gaming tips, technology, cryptocurrency, bitcoins, education, real estate, etc. We provide an exclusive article for startups and related sectors in the business section.

We have global readers with supreme qualifications and regional readers with basic qualifications. To enrich our readers’ daily lives, we publish content-rich articles one after another, so writers can utilize this golden opportunity to widen their exposure to this world by gaining quality readers from our platform. 

Skill Sets Required For Write For Us Startup Blog Guest Post:

Our web Page has provided some guidelines for guest post contributors. And so they have to adhere to the following guidelines strictly:

  • We prefer graduates with business degrees to write about the technical parameters that govern the startup workings. But the articles should also be in an understandable manner.
  • We appreciate the startup writers contributing their experiences to our website. They can share their golden tips and strategies.
  • Writers who are interested in business and current trends can attempt. But we recommend that guest post authors to produce quality content.
  • Write For Us + Startup Blog  should be around a specific niche. For example, authors can select topics like challenges and opportunities in startups, innovative methods to increase growth, case studies about startups and their growth cycle, business professionals’ theories, etc. It is not compulsory to select these topics, but the guest post should revolve around this topic.
  • The article should reflect positivity. The readers should gain excellent momentum to start or run their startups. Try to bring the reality politely so it will be encouraging for our readers.
  • The writers can include world organizations’ reports, conventions, government concessions, and schemes to support the startups.

SEO guidelines

Startup Blog “Write For Us” articles should also follow the SEO guidelines because it helps our Dodbuzz website to get good traffic.

  • Don’t repeat the content. Try to brush up on your experiences and produce good content.
  • The guest post article should follow the professional format and size.
  • The article should be appealing, so try to split the paragraphs and insert the required bullets and subheadings.
  • The word limit of the article is around 800 to 1000 words.
  • We are strictly against plagiarised content. So please don’t try to copy the content.
  • The articles should be grammatically error-free.


Write For Us + “Startup Blog” authors can avail of some benefits while working with us. The advantages of working on our dodbuzz websites are:

  • We value our guest post authors irrespective of their educational qualifications.
  • The writers can widen their reader base because our website holds good online traffic, so the guest posts also get good traffic, which opens doors for more opportunities.
  • Our readers are primarily professionals, so writers can develop healthy writer-reader relationships. Moreover, they can learn many new things.

How to submit?

The guest post authors have to deeply follow the guidelines before submitting the Write for Us Startup article to us. They can also send their sample work. Or else they can send their final pieces to us. We evaluate each guest post author’s work based on your guidelines. Please send your work to the mail id: jacksonhnry59@gmail.com.

Our dodbuzz team will respond to the authors in 24 hours or as early as possible.. Once we select the article, it belongs to our website. So, writers should not share the content with another platform. It is a breach of our terms and conditions.


Writers are the background of our success, so we value the time and work of each writer. So Write for Us Startup authors should also adhere to our rules. Once the article is selected, we hold all the rights to edit the content. 

So writers should also be aware of this. So, grab this opportunity. For more information on Startup check here. Do you like this article? Share your views in the comment section.

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